Naruto Shippuuden 292 Review

sick naruto

Well this is it. This was the most prophetic type episode I have ever seen in the Narutoverse. The thing had everything needed for an exorcism.
1. Prophetic little girl. Check.
2. Demon possessed boy. Check.
3. Visions of doom. Check.
4. Vomiting. Check.

So like the episode before we continue the journey with naruto and the children. Which was very touching at some points. I will get to that later. Mina the little girl seem to have a special ability. She can sense evil. Like the kid from sixth sense. We see some veryMina interesting visions that really make this episode a bit more deeper. For example the creature with the eyes shooting laser beams is probably the great evil to come. Then we see naruto in nine tails chakra mode. Mind you in this flash back episode he haven’t reached that level as yet. So Mina saw him in the future. Could this vision be the great fight to come in the ninja war? Could this be something else? All I know things look bleak for naruto. But again in her vision he saved her. So it could mean that everything will be just fine. There I go again getting ahead of myself. Let me start a fresh.

Our favorite ninja is sick. He has no idea why he is sick. After taking a gulp of Orichimaru “DNA” from the water it was just swimming in his body just consuming him. We see this in Mina visions. Now I wonder what the Nine Tails was thinking. Probably think Naruto got a “need roommate sign” on his forehead. Demons just roll in there and checking out the place. So as the day passes Naruto find that he is more tired than usual. He fight through it in his own quirky way.

The touching part of the anime. The children are training with Naruto and then they see parents playing with their children. Then all of a sudden they start crying. “This is where you say AWWWW” Just then while they were crying Naruto reminded them that they are never lonely. They looked up and saw this. Don’t cry Ruscle. Be strong. Be strong…


So this is where things get real interesting. Mina Visions. I am not sure where this power episode is going but I am so loving it. I am seeing how the narutoverse can take a detour and still retain some of the coolness that make naruto so cool. Not like Bleach. Sorry they should of ended it. Really. Anyway we see this in her vision.


Then followed by her being saved by none other than naruto in his new Nine tails chakra mode. Epic stuff I tell ya!!


So while she was seeing all of this Naruto was still on the beach feeling sick. Then we move on over to when Mina got pimped slapped from her surrogate mother figure. Mina was telling the evil DNA snakes to get out but they thought she was telling Naruto to get out. Mind you because she is a little girl they pay her no mind. One hard man slap in she tank. I won’t lie if Child Services was in their time she was going to jail. One time lol. So as the time went by and a few apologies later the chief is alive!! Yes Mina’s grandpa is alive and came back to find the 2 silver things he gave the fat guy to throw away. Once again the little prophetic girl done saw what no one else could see.


BOOM Grandpa is a duppy!!! Yes mi say a DUPPY!!! As she say that they saw his eyes and Kabatu was amazed. He realized that Mina is special. He don’t know my girl is a ghostbuster. So fight start. You can tell the effects of the snakes in Naruto taking it toll on him. Sakura handling her business as usual. Then while the fight is raging Naruto goes down for the count. Then is when the pain began.


My boy bawl like he was in labor. Then Mina heard the voice. Take it out. She ran over to Naruto and shouted get out. Over and over again. Like a Catholic Priest she start warring for Naruto. If she was a Pentecostal preacher she probably would of been speaking in tongues lol. But not in narutoverse. All she got was another backhand slap. Like a trooper she wipe off the blood and kept saying get out get out. I telling you as she kept screaming it and the fat dude tried pulling her off it like she was about to go super sayian! Then like any exorcism he got it out.


I mean dude got it all out. I won’t lie I was glad to see it come out. Was tired of seeing that little girl getting slap up all the time. I mean really don’t these man know my girl can see dead people lol. So after that it started to take shape and look exactly like thevlcsnap-2012-12-06-21h24m05s180 nine tails “four tails mode”. So as it got out it brought the pain. Started to beat up Naruto like a child. We done know Naruto tired for all that vomiting and child bearing lol. So like any good anime it stopped right there. The point where things are getting good. When the hot sauce hit your tongue. Now I have to wait till thursday again to see how this will play out. One thing that bothers me is why does Kabatu look like a girl. I know some anime these dudes be looking like girls and ting but he got that girly swag with the hair. He is in love with Orichimaru. So I guess it is only natural for him to look so. Also I wonder how this will be relevant to the main story arch. Will this be just another fluff to ignore. Like the episode with Sakura from another dimension. Sorry that was useless. No matter how you flip it I hated that episode. This one seem to give more of a back story to Kabatu and the reanimation Jutsu. Also the trails and tribulations for our ninja friends. Just have to see how it turns out. So far I am enjoying this ramen! Well till the next episode stay frosty!

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