Care Package for HTKU Members

CARE_PACKAGE_GOLD_DEFAULTIn this time of the season people share gifts. Some spend time with family and friends. So as a gamer I have a second family. My clan HTKU aka Hard Times Kill Unit have grown from just 3 guys playing games at Eyezz house to a well tuned engine. Right now there are 2 members that need a care package.

S1l3ntcut Raizor
S1l3ntcut Raizor


Member Sil3ntcut Raizor had his security breached. Many of his items are gone. If you have him as a friend on PSN and see him online please send Carib Gamer a message on twitter or facebook. That isn’t him and we are trying our best to help him reclaim most of his stuff. It isn’t easy having your ease of mind taken away from you. Trust is now gone and is replaced with anger and disgust. So if you are living in the BVI send my boy a care package. I know as a HTKU member I will do my best to get him back online and feeling comfortable once again.









Tuesday December 11th 2012 HTKU Member Thamuck was in a very horrible car accident. As of right now the only reassurance that I have is that he is ok but have a broken leg or legs. I am not sure but will be passing by to check on him. Once again if you know him please send him a care package. A card or just passing by to show you face would be great. He is at Peebles Hospital right now.




The year 2012 have brought us many great games and I personally am glad that I didn’t have to bury any of my clan members at 2012. So let us not be hasty and get caught up in the material things of life. Let us be an example to the rest of the Caribbean and show that Carib Gamers look out for each other. So till later stay frosty!


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