Naruto Shippuuden 293 Review


I know what you gonna say. Better late than never. I totally loved this episode. Ting had everything a naruto episode could have.

To start things off we begin where the action was getting hot. And boy did it get hot. We got the nine tails clone about to tear up Mina and the gang when out of no where BAM!!!


One of my favorite characters to play with in Naruto Ninja Storm Generations Rock Lee and the over excited Guy Sensei. These man is real tool. Just then we have the whole gang from the Hidden Cloud village come through. Then is when things got real. Kabatu brought the zombies and the popcorn for this main event. Seeing that the Nine Tails clone was an unexpected turn of events he was more than happy to watch the destruction. Interesting note he couldn’t control the clone. Which only makes sense. The only person I know that can control a tailed beast is Obito aka Masked Man aka Madara aka Tobi. So as the fight raged on the Dynamic Duo was getting owned by the nine tails clone. My favorite part for this episode happened right there.


These man went into beast mode!!! I love it when they get green. Nine tails was in for a whole lot of hurt. These man mop him up. And just like a dog running its tail between his legs he had to run for more power. Now where was the power source in the first place. Good old naruto. So the nine tails clone dug his claws into naruto and began asking for more power. Now we all know the Nine tails like to stir up trouble.







So in troublemaker fashion he gave it more power. If you looked at Kakashi eyes it was almost like he saw a ghost. The memories of the last time the Nine Tails Beast being unleashed was to horrifying. So instead he changed his focus from Kabatu to saving the villagers. Instantly everyone knew this wasn’t about fighting. This turned into a rescue mission. As things turned ugly very quickly The Fully formed Nine tails Clone set his eyes back on Naruto. Seeing how much the Nine tails hate Naruto the clone only shared that same hatred naturally. So the fat guy was running with Naruto trying to save him fell on a can. Now check this out. Shinobi can jump from tree to tree. Use Chakra within their body to become a weapon. This man fall on a can. Yep. Only in Naruto. So just when the Clone Nine Tails was gonna squash these man like ants Kabatu called a snake to save them. Now Why would he do that. Only if he need Naruto. I guess the fat guy was just lucky.

So while in the snake Naruto and the fat guy was just chilling. Naruto on the other hand was going through a guilt trip. Feeling sorry for having people hurt and stuff. You know having the power of the nine tails in him makes him a prime target for power hungry ninjas. While they are chatting away Naruto took a turn for the worse. He began to give in to the Nine tails. Pieces of him slowly was turning to the darkside and he began to lose himself. Then with some encouraging words from the fat guy and the most awesome Hokage ever Naruto’s Dad Minato gave him the push he needed to not turn over to the darkside.


That was a touching moment there. almost shed a man tear there….So just then Kabatu and some other men came in to have a lil chit chat with the fat guy and Naruto. Spoiler Alert it was the chief of the village of the fat guy that teamed u with Kabatu in the first place. Total double cross. Epic stuff. I almost saw that coming but with Naruto you can never know. They like to hit you with a curve ball now and again.


So in cliff hanger fashion we have to wait and see what this power is all about. It seem that this series os coming to a close soon. We may see what this power is all about. We may also get a better understanding of Mina and her powers. How she tie in to the narotuverse would be quite interesting. Sorry for the late review. That time of the season and family functions are in full swing. Such is life. So till the next episode stay frosty!!

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