Cardiff The Fighter


This has to be the busiest man in the fighting community that I know. If he ain’t mixing it up with the VGX crew he doing it real large on the online tournaments. Who am I talking about. The one and only Cardiff aka Craigbot. Gonna make a shirt for this man when he go to the next VGX game tournament. Cause I KNOW HE WINNING IT IN 2013! So what have he been doing. Well nothing much but just KICKING BUTT and taking names!!! HE came in 3rd place for an online tournament for VF5 (Virtua Fighter 5). The same game I got pwned at when we held our NBA Jam Tournament recently.

Old School Player taught me what a whooping felt like..
Old School Player taught me what a whooping felt like..

So any way Cardiff been posting the scores and the games he played. I will link you to some but I want to first commend him for actually doing the thing. Most gamers claim to be the best but when the time come to put action behind the words they choke. Not the craigbot. He bring it like a fat kid about to eat cake. With no napkins!! Here what he said about the tournament from facebook.

I’ve made to the Finals of the Major, I was ready to go in there and do my thing. I came 3rd place in the Major, not too bad. Next time, I’ll go for 1st place. As a result, I also place 3rd place for receiving Madcatz prizes, which is just awesome. I entered the VFDC Circuit: Season 1 in September and ended up in 3rd for the America East Division. Now that it’s over, Season 2 will start sometime in March 2013, so I get a break, but training never stops with any fighting game you play.

What I tell you bout this man. I hope VGX ready for this man cause when we rolling through we taking everything. Even the bag of cheetos!!

Here is the December brackets for the VF5 Tournament.

Also if you are interested on what the prizes was for this event check this link out also!

Also if you want to see some of the matches that lead to entering the finals here are some.


Here is another of the matches

So keep it locked to Carib Gamer. We will be giving you all the info you need if you want to take part in this huge tournament coming next year at the VGX and any other tournament in the caribbean!! So till later stay frosty!

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