Another great “Power” episode. Can someone please shake the writers hand. Cause this is what I love. Great action and mystery. So let me get my chop sticks ready cause this was some good ramen.

So we begin with the traitor explaining why he did it. I mean why the ones that crave power always have to be crazy. For once I want to find an intelligent psycho maniac that isn’t hell bent on destroying the world. I mean when you destroy it where would you be when that happens. I guess they never think things through properly. So while Naruto being held by snakes that consumes chakra was listening to the conversation and you know he was pissed. So when he got angry the snakes would squeeze much tighter. So you know he was in a bind. Cause he full of chakra buddy.

Just then the brats came along. Now this is the stuff I don’t like. You know any other normal child would of stayed dem tail home and wait for the man to come home. No these fools gone down there buh dem gonna save the fat man. Kabatu done sense them and used his shadow clone to do a trade. The sound keys for the fat man. Well that was a dumb idea. Give the crack head for power the key to obtain the power of destruction. Which make saving the fat man useless cause now all of yall gonna die. Lucky for them the ninjas from the Hidden Leaf village was near by and saw the whole thing going down. So after the trade we all know what happens next. Things are about to get real.



Now this thing look like something from Stargate. I wouldn’t be amazed to see something like a wormhole appear and Naruto from another universe with a missing eye fly through. So this is an interesting moment. Naruto realized that the snakes consumes chakra and immediately went into sage mode. As he did that the snakes absorbing the chakra became frogs. Look how my boy is maturing. Using the brain God gave him. So while he was doing that the ninjas from the hidden leaf village are confronting Kabatu and the traitor. I won’t lie when I saw all those coffins popping up I knew this would be a battle to contend with. Then out of nowhere these snakes came out the ground. Then he opened his mouth.



Not the nine tails clone again!!! So you know what going through these man mind. So like a real “G” my boy Naruto who done free up from the snakes shouted for the noob clone. Like a pimp Hinata and Sakura all shouted his name. I wish Naruto would just open his eyes and just pick Hinita as his girl. Anyway I loved the fighting between Naruto and the clone. He was all Mr. Miyagi.


fgwivHh8He was like Wax On. Wax Off. I am the boot and you are the ant. He totally pwned that fool. Then as he was getting licks the snakes that formed him started to fall off. The same happened for the rest of the reanimated clones. Right there we see how the Jutsu still wasn’t perfected. Jsut then we have the traitor was being held by Yamato. Then this crack head ram his head on the control center and then all hell broke loose. We then have the cloud of death dressed across the village. Then while Naruto and the clone was fighting he fell in the pit of the platform they were fighting on. With the distraction of doom in the air the traitor started running up the alien tower to get the “power”. Now dude if these people kept this thing under wraps is for a reason. I mean when you have something that can destroy the world you wouldn’t want it being used all the time. I thought it would of been smart to destroy the key rendering it useless but I wouldn’t be here writing about this epic episode. So anyhow as he was running up there he was greeted with our very own neighborhood spiderman Naruto. I was hoping Naruto would give him the Sparta kick. You know be like “This is SHIPPUUDEN!!!!” But they started to chat. Epic fail. Just as they was chatting a very loud roar came from the pit the clone fell in.


Yeah this is what happens when you fall in a pink pit. You become a flaming hydra. So like all the power episodes they stop it right there. They said in the previews that the next episode will be the last power episode. Then we will be back to the main arch of the great ninja war. I won’t lie I totally forgot about that. Just enjoying this very deep fluff episode. So till the next episode stay frosty!!