God of War Ascension Multiplayer Beta impressions

2012-12-22 12.21.33

Funny thing about loafing on the internet you stumbled upon some cool things. While checking on IGN I came across one of their ads. It said to me that if I want a beta key for the closed beta. Usually I don’t click on ads but was curious about it. So I clicked it and was brought to the login screen for IGN. So I decided to use my account for IGN and like magic the key was presented to me. Just like that I got my beta key. No long email list. No pre-order was necessary.

2012-12-22 01.37.08

So after downloading the game I was presented with an update.

2012-12-22 10.30.57

So after all that downloading I finally get to play the game.
2012-12-22 10.28.16
Now this is just a beta and I really feel like the character models are very polished. You begin by choosing your alliance. After choosing your alliance they give you a tutorial on how to fight. Now I see they have the basic combat types. You have the counter or parry move. You have the offensive attacks. Then also the defensive moves. So after I got all that sort out I went straight to the quick play to get my fight on.
So the menu is a lil bit laggy. I forgive it because know this is a beta. I can see the progression will add a more personal touch to your character. The only thing that can make or break this game is the match ups. Being put in a room full of people who have better gear can lead to a massacre. No matter how good you are the buffs on the higher class weapons will always triumph. That said I died alot. I did manage to get in some kills but the end result was always me losing. I can see that can push people to be better but the match system should put noobs with noobs. That way there is some kind of balance. Another thing that I felt was troubling was the chaos of the matches. I felt like I was playing All Star Battle Royal almost.
The level of strategy is there. Parrying and using special moves effectively will lead to a victory if paired with the same level opponent.
All in all I feel that this could be more of an after thought within the game. I never thought the God of War series would try to venture in this area but they did. I don’t feel it will be a home run option that could sell the game but luckily for them they have a solid single player portion to fall back on. So until that time hopefully the end product will be more balanced and polished.
If you want to try this beta out head over here and get your key via IGN.
2012-12-22 15.48.36

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