Setting the Record Straight



If you live in the BVI you must know of the trouble that a local Cellular Company is having with service. For those who are not living in the BVI to sum it up imagine if T-Mobile services shut down and your cell phone says no network. Yes I know total meltdown. In 2013 cell phones are like a necessity. So being the Devry Graduate and avid gamer I have a fellow gamer and brother graduate from Devry working at CCT. There was a write up in BVI Platinum News about Digicel helping CCT with roaming services. I thought nothing of it until I saw what my friend Jamaal wrote on his facebook page.

I just seen the most disrespectful article on BVI Platinum about Digicel stepping up to save CCT customers.

Let me set the record straight Digicel did not save anybody. We have roaming agreements with CCT and Digicel. We contacted them and asked to extend this roaming agreement to us here in the BVI. They had no intentions on openning their network what so ever until we asked them too. CCT is bearing the cost of this and it is not being done for freeeeeeeee for us.

If anybody i would say stepped up it would be lime whom we had no prepaid roaming agreements with and still allowed us to have prepaid roam on our network within record time. The engineers at CCT have been working from Saturday when it happened running on little to no sleep working on this issue. I nor any of the other engineers want thinks but Digicel’s disrespect to us for our hard work is not acceptable

I commend those at Lime for helping out CCT. I actually went to Lime to get a Postpaid Sim Card until CCT get back up and running. I am hoping that the damage to their service don’t reflect in losing customers. I admire the feedback Jamaal is giving us the customers. Keep up the good work.

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