So CES 2013 is over and I have tons of footage I would love to share. Who stole the show for CES? That is a difficult question to answer but I would say LG had a great show floor with the very impressive 3D wall. First time  I ever watched a 3D video without feeling dizzy or strained my eyes. The image literally jumped out at me.

2013-01-08 11.20.16

I tried my best to compose myself for all the things I was about to see but like a complete nerd I totally got lost in everything. When I got to the Sony booth I was introduced to 4K resolution for the first time. I must admit it is very clean and sharp. I never thought one could get any cleaner than 1080p. Was I wrong. They showcased the 4K media player that can stream 4K resolution to a 4K ready TV. Now Sony is leading the pack with 4K. We will see how they do in the long run. Cause we done know it will cost about 4K.

Being the CES virgin I totally got lost on all the gadgets and devices that was shown there. One of the most dumbest thing that I saw there would of had to be the iPotty. Yes the iPotty.

2013-01-09 17.02.23

Don’t really see the effectiveness of this. Just when you thought that was it they have another one for adults. So as time passed I found that CES began with a huge bang. Sony unveiled the Sony Xperia Z and ZL smartphones equipped with the Qualcomm Quad-core Snapdragon S4 processor.

xperiazzl_scTrust me when I say this phone is very smooth. Going from app to app is a breeze. The camera quality is also impressive. The rough back and rounded edges of this phone make holding it in your hand easy. Not to mention the Z series is waterproof. Literally this can be submerged in water for 3 minutes or so and not have one single problem. There were other phones announced and to be honest the Huawei Ascend Mate was revealed and didn’t impress me much. I will be posting videos and all the pics on our facebook page. Carb Gamer. To upload all of those pics in this blog would take forever. Not like the internet I got with the Verizon Booth.

IMAG1633   Their internet was so fast that I never wanted to leave that booth. I can see why Netflix and Hulu are all the rave. The internet in the United States makes no sense. People like me would never leave the house with that kind of internet. So sorry for the late blog but going through over 800 pictures of CES is no easy task. Also our very slow internet took a full day to upload these photos and videos. So what is next after CES. Well the VGX 2013 is coming and we are training. So keep it locked to Carib Gamer. I am back and ready to blog like a mad man for 2013. Started off great and will ride this wave. So check our facebook page as I update with Pics of CES 2013!!!