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So the time is ripe my fellow gamers. VXG 2013 is coming July 25th to the 28th. Don’t be caught slipping at the last minute and go to this international event and get owned. So the time for practicing is now.

Fellow VXG gamer and an international Badman..
Fellow VXG gamer and an international Badman..

I recently spoke with Cardiff about his experience with VXG 2012. To get a heads up on what to expect for VXG 2013.

Cardiff Wheatley

as far as the fighting games are concerned, they are the following:

AE 2012, UMvC3, MK9, TTT2, KOF13, Smash Brawl

there’s another fighting game to be annouced, but no word on that

as for the shooters and sports games, i’ll have to talk to Rolando and find out

Cardiff Wheatley

MW3 was there last year, maybe that might be there or black ops 2

Rolando said he’ll keep us updated

Kyatt Jones

wait…..MW3. That is a tournament ready game.

Cardiff Wheatley

MW3 was 3 on 3 if i remember using LAN party like you setup at DKO

So as you can see we have some training to do. I know for the HTKU clan we will be training for MW3. Also just in case Back Ops 2. I am hoping that we as representatives for the BVI will be there in full force. I will personally make it my business to remain in contact with anyone who will be going to VXG 2013. So if you live in the BVI and going to the Video X Games 2013 @ St. Maarten please feel free to contact me via email I know famous gamers like Franchise, Kevon and Blake will be there. On facebook Kevon already started his training:

Training for the video x games begins tonite…..time to level up.
So if you are an avid gamer why don’t you head on over on facebook and join in the conversations @ Caribgamer Network. Share your preparations for VXG 2013. Also check the site for more info and registration. They will be also posting the tournament games that will be available. Also did I mention there will be a cash prize for the winners for at least 2 tournament games. Here is an excerpt from the website:

Well ladies and gentlement the first 5 fighting games for VxG. First the ones you know were coming:
Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition 2012 – Guaranteed Prize $13,600, top 16 payout
Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 – Guaranteed Prize $13,600, top 16 payout
Mortal Kombat 9: Prize TBA
Tekken Tag Tournament 2: Prize TBA

Now the other 2 games to make the cut right now:
King of Fighter 13 – We respect the fact that it turned out to be the most voted game in the poll. It was probably a mistake not to have the game at VxG 2012, but mistake has been corrected and it will be at VxG 2013!

Smash Brawl – It’s back, the smash game of 2012 will be back for VxG 2013! Melee still has some chance of making it in, Playstation all stars still has time to grow.

So what’s next? WE WILL RESERVE TO MORE SPOTS TO BE ANNOUNCED NEXT YEAR. This is where the communities of other games not listed here, such as SFxT, Dead or Alive 5, Persona IV Arena, Smash Melee and Playstation All Stars all have to show which game they want to see at VxG. Developers also have a small part to play. I must commend Team Ninja in this regard for being the first to show interest in having their game at VxG, and that gives some major point to seeing DOA at VxG 2013. But community is still the number 1 factor.

Also note that Injstice is going to be put in a wild card of it’s own. We will only announce the game pending an official release date. Currently no official release date has been given so JUST in case the game comes out too late, we won’t decide on its inclusion until the game is released.

Prizes will be announced later in 2013, but we wont let Marvel and SFIV outshine the other games too much in terms of prizes, we will do our best to keep it close in that range.

Thanks everyone for your interest and hype towards VxG 2013! Special thanks to Dominion Method GamingRyan Gutierrez of Cross Counter and Isaiah TriForce Johnsonof EMP for the support given so far. As well as everyone else too numerous to mention, HAVE A MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR! get ready, VxG is about to change the way you game! Play hard, PARTY HARDER!

I am YOUR BOY Rolando and i DO approve this message :D (always wanted to say that).


So get involved and lets make VXG 2013 something to remember.


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