New 128GB iPad Announced

I really believe that Apple is running out of ideas.

Tim Cook: What can we do to make more money from the iPad?

Intern: (jokingly say) Hey lets add more space

Tim Cook: Great idea!! Lets do it!

That is what I think they are doing now. I am sorry but I am hard pressed to think that Apple have resorted to this. Then to sell it for $799. That is just ridiculous. I saw this pic over at Google+. This couldn’t explain my feelings any better.

isheepI checked the comments below this pic on Google+ and it was all the same opinion. This is pure nonsense. Yes the more space is needed to do more but with such a steep price point with nothing new other than the retina display and more space. The OS is starting to show its age. No new innovation since Steve Jobs passed. I wonder what they will be bringing for us at the Apple WWDC 2013.


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