VXG Meeting Update


I would like to thank all those that took the time to come to the first meeting in the BVI for the VXG 2013 games coming up in July 25th to the 28th. We were able to cover much ground. We have decided to get our tickets by the 15th of February. Just making sure we leave no man behind this time around. As of now I have a confirmed amount of 10 attendees going so far. There may be more so please don’t be a stranger and share the word. Get plugged in and experience the ultimate gaming tournament for the Caribbean. I would also like to announce that Rolando Brison the VP of VXG will coming here to Tortola to talk with us and answer all our questions!! I know what you are thinking. Awesome stuff right!! Here is the conversation I had with him.

  • Rolando Brison

    hey man,thanks for hosting that meeting the other day. I plan to take a trip in person to BVI and meet with your guys and answer questions, will probably be around april.

  • That would be awesome. Thank you.
I will keep in contact with him and will make sure that when he gets in the BVI we can give him a Huge BVI welcome. Also we will be making shirts for the event. So we can be more organized and well prepared. We also talked about having practice sessions. So if you know someone who is willing to host a location for some gamers that would be very appreciated. I will continue to look for such a space but in the mean time continue practicing at home. The goal is for the BVI to win every game. To dominate and defeat all who oppose us. If you are reading this and want to take part just message me on
Carib Gamer Network
We are currently checking for deals with airlines. As stated before we want to get our tickets by the 15th of February. Getting them any later will probably be more expensive. The average price I see online for tickets from the BVI to St. Maarten right now is $150 to $160. We also decided to share the rooms we are staying in. To be honest I would be a zombie that whole weekend. Also if you want to come and not participate in the tournaments is also cool. There will be games being played there for fun. I know I would love to compete with some of the gamers there for fun with other games that may not be on the tournament list. So lets band together as BVI islanders and show Rolando what we is real tool!!!


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