Naruto Shippuuden 298 & 299 review


Itachi is a boss. I am officially an Itachi fanboy. Since I didn’t get to do episode 298 I will do both of them in conjunction.

So we start off with the epic battle between Naruto , Killer Bee vs Itachi, Nagato. Funny thing about this fight is that they are talking to each other like pals. Well in reality they are friends but being controlled by Kabuto. So while they were chatting up a storm Kabuto decided to end the chatting and get to business. We done know Nagato is real tool. Then you pair him up with Itachi. Killer team up right there. So Naruto and Killer Bee done in trouble.


So inadvertently in the heat of battle he used Amaterasu on Naruto. Then all of a sudden a crow came out of Naruto’s mouth!  Here we see the infamous Shisui’s eye. If you remember the right eye was on Danzo’s arm. Now if I understand the genjutsu used here is that whenever Sasuke was to use Itachi eyes against Naruto in anyway the crow would of came out and placed a genjutsu command on Sasuke to protect the village. There was a long flash back with that but the coolest part was when Itachi broke free from the reanimation jutsu when the genjutsu called the kotoamatsukami. EPIC. I tell you this man is a Boss. Unfortunately that Jutsu can only be used once a decade. So just like that he flamed up Nagato with Amaterasu and now the tables turned in Naruto Favor.

Which brings us to the next episode. Nagato reanimated and now being fully controlled by Kabatu went to work. Dude summoned 2 beast and then grabbed Naruto and began to take his soul. Now I won’t lie Nagato is real tool. This man make it look easy.


This is the part of the anime that made me giddy like a school girl. Just when Killer Bee and Naruto about to see dem maker The Boss come through with Sasanoo!! You think that is it. Nah man! Nagato used Planetary Devastation. Itachi was calm. Stating that every Jutsu have a weakness. All the while Naruto bawling like a lil girl. Mind you Naruto my boy but Itachi was just to cool.

Just after they destroyed Planetary Devastation the Boss followed up with his own sealing Jutsu technique used against Orochimaru. No one can beat Itachi. NO ONE!! Except the REAL Madara of course. But we leave that for another time.

All in all if you are a fan of Naruto and only read the manga… Check out the anime right now. It is getting real good. Till next time stay frosty!!


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