Ubuntu Tablet



Sorry I am an avid Ubuntu user. I literally took windows off my Lenovo laptop. Not side by side but totally full on Ubuntu. I won’t lie I am really digging the direction Ubuntu is going. I also love the total rip from the Mac type commercial. White background with soft tones playing in the background. Tech guy talking about the device looking ultra geeky. That is totally Apple.

Let me just talk about the tablet for a second. The software in my opinion is very clean and productive. I know most people are not inclined to Linux. That they should be because it isn’t the most easy OS to work with. But with the way they are going the common man should know about them soon. I am very impressed with the multitasking features. Also the idea of making a tablet more like a PC. We all know the tablet wars are in full swing. windows 8, android and the top dog himself the iPad. So this will be interesting to see how it plays out.

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