Well Well my fellow Naruto fans. These two episodes are quite strange but interesting at the same time. Almost like I was watching a Saturday morning cartoon.

So let me start with episode 300. We are at the front lines with Gaara and Ohnoki. After the heart felt moment with Gaara and his father we have the last battle with the two legendary shinobi. Now tell me this. We have ninjas that can defy gravity. Use chakra to their own benefits. Yet this old ninja Ohnoki have a problem with his back. Every time he do something strenuous he pulls his back. So he playing young is fighting one of his former friends who supposedly was his master at some point in time. Of course I done know what would happen. His back will be the death of him. I just know his back will get him killed. Well anyway as two of them are fighting Gaara leaves his troops behind to help him. Now the troop he left behind was real comedy. Gonna come back to them.


So we have two particle jutsu users going at it. Gaara can’t keep up and the old man back keep getting in the way. Not sure why he is bandaged up like a mummy but he sure is powerful. Which makes me think how did these guys died. I mean they sure do know alot and can really hold their ground. So as things was looking grim who comes to the rescue? Naruto of course! Like a boss he swoops in and rasengan he backside. Epic.


So back to the comedy hour. Gonna call this very cool ninja Wispy Whiskers. Why cause he gets mad everytime they call him that. So his technique is very deceiving. Uses mirages and have this giant clam. This clam spits out a mist from the back and camouflages itself and wispy whiskers. Making him a hard target to find. So while the comedy hour ninjas waste time trying to hit him Gaara and Ohnoki go to their aid. While Naruto went over to help Temari. That is the chick with the huge fan. Wind style ninja. So while Gaara was being pushed around by Wispy Whiskers they was looking for the real image. Being a distraction he used his sand to blow over every part of the battlefield and boom they found him. Sadly grandpa was the one to give the final blow. Yep as we all know what would happen. He used up all his chakra doing the particle jutsu and he only have one more thing he can do. Hit it with his fist. Now don’t get me wrong for an old man he still can throw down. Sadly age will be his death. As he broke the clam using his huge rock fist he rendered useless. Why? Well his back gave out on him. Leaving him helpless.


BOOM one shot to the back. Is he dead… I don’t know. But I hope that blast fix his back once and for all. So on to the next episode. We have the Third Raikage vs Temari. The third is literally a beast. He has the best defence and offence. He is like hulk. Tough skin makes him really durable. Oh did I mention he is stupid fast. They aren’t even able to lay a finger on this man. So while they are fighting him he is trying to help them by giving the tips. Sadly all Temari and her efforts are in vain. So just when she thought all is lost who comes to save the day…again. Naruto. I telling you this man running on all. He must of had a Ninja Red Bull cause he just all over the place.

Sorry Naruto not even your Rasen Shurikin can stop him.
Sorry Naruto not even your Rasen Shuriken can stop him.

So Naruto used his Rasen Shuriken on him and was in shock to see him get up like it was nothing. Mind you he didn’t reanimate. This was just his own tough skin and electricity shield. Beastly. Yes. So while everyone was in shock the one eye ninja Dodai done see what is going on. He grabbed Naruto and bust camp.

The Peircing Four Fingered Thurst of Hell
The Piercing Four Fingered Thrust of Hell

So just like that my boy got controlled by Kabuto. I really don’t like that dude. But anyway he want to buy time to summon “him”. I guess he has a new guest to come to this war. I wonder who it will be. Anyway the third used the PFFTH to make quick work on these poor ninjas. At that moment Naruto realize that even though he has a strong defence there is a scar on his right shoulder area. Naruto then made a call to killer Bee who is taking a piss. I know big war and this man have to take a piss. Maybe he have prostate cancer. He asked the eight tails how he defeated the third and like scooby doo mystery Naruto had an idea. Now while I didn’t understand what he was gonna do I knew it was gonna be something smart. I won’t say what he did  but once you watch it you will be like “ooohhh right!”

I enjoyed these two episodes but still don’t know what happened to the old man and the water bullet to the back. I guess we will find out in the next episode. I said a mouthful this time around. I love Naruto Thursdays. Stay frosty!!!