Quick Thoughts on PS4 Conference

The internet was a buzz February 20th after the PS4 was revealed. As I said I wasn’t to much impressed. Yes I am a fan boy but still I have my reserves about certain things. Some will argue that Sony did a piss poor job showing us what we all wanted to see. The console. They showed lots of games. They showed us the controller. Hmmm where did I saw that. Oh yeah Nintendo. Although they did much better than Nintendo as far as content is concerned. I did enjoy seeing Watchdogs, Second Son, Killzone and the old guy.


Just watching him makes me wonder….so much emotion….Nah screw that. Show me that in game and then I will be all over it. Just like the last set of tech demos in the past Sony always promised awesome graphics but I guess this time they better deliver. No more excuses. It is time to put up or shut up. Like many hardcroe sony fans we wanted to see more IP’s and no gimmick crap. I know some was amazed to see the puppets playing a band. I wasn’t. Why? Cause I know that will only be good for parties and people who like to play crap on the Wii. Games like what capcom showed with the dragon and the knight made my geek goosebumps raised. Thing was i thing of beauty.

Two Words. Dragon age.
Two Words. Dragon age.

While I may add the Killzone Shadow Fall looks great. I am not thinking that it will be the best thing ever. We all know what happened to the multiplayer portion of the game. They couldn’t keep up to the likes of Call of Duty series. Not to mention the titan Battlefield 3. Hopefully they learn from their mistakes and not try to be like those games and walk its own path.

There was another great game that showed. This game is a must have for the christmas. Watchdogs. The game looks awesome. I can’t wait to get my sweaty hands on it.

So with all the talk the PS4 will be doing everything rest heavily on the internet. They talked about downloading in the background. Downloading while it is off. Watching you sleep and talk to your girl on the side. Hey if you are having a hard time passing a level in a game your friend on your list can help you out. Literally. Take over your controls and play your game. Do I like that. No. Do I want that. No. Do I need that. No. I guess there tons of noobs out there who need someone to hold dem hand while playing games. Mehson if you can’t pass the level then you need to play on the Wii-U. I guess I will see how this PS4 will make me more social than before. I do enjoy the Ustream intergration. Can share to the rest of my HTKU clan memberss me tea bagging some helpless noob. All done witha press of the share button. Well here is to hoping for the best. Now if we can see what the Xbox 360 will be doing then we can get on with our lives and start whoring ourselves to a million fat chicks so we can afford to purchase these time consuming devices. Stay Frosty!!

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  1. I watched your rant and i have to say, your heads are so far up sony ass you guys are blined by all the smoke and mirrors, yes the PS4 is a powerful machine and sony is catering for you the hard core gamer but i still don’t believe they will come with 8 gigs of GDR ram two reason cost and heat, chk the Titian ^ gigs of GDR and that isonly a graphics chip and the cost is $1000. Also Sony said it them selves these specs are not final and subject to change.


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