Call of Duty: Ghosts Leaked info

This is some interesting news. It if this news is legit then we could have some serious issues here. Now I am really not to fond of the whole future setting using present day guns tone. Maybe there was a Y2K bug or something. Whatever the case is that is the direction they are going. Supposedly. Also if I heard correctly they are looking to only release on the next gen consoles. Epic fail. With BF4 confirmed for release on the current consoles which have a wider unit base would be market suicide.


I personally think Call of Duty would have to do some dramatic stuff to keep the interest alive. The sliding move he spoke of is already implemented in Medal of Honor so to me that is a rip. Nothing there to make me go crazy for. Destructible environments… Please try not to copy BF4. Cause we all know that they have that hands down. Not sure if the hype train for Call of Duty will do it justice but only time will tell. Cause we all know the mass followers will buy it.

Interesting enough they dropped the Modern Warfare tag. I guess the court battle with former Infinity Ward Employees had something to do with that. I had a feeling they would of gone that way and try to start from fresh. I hope that they bring something different to the table. I highly doubt it watching their track record but I can only hope. I don’t think the Lone Wolf will be buying this for the clan. Unless they show me something to hope for then maybe. Sadly I am a FPS whore and will buy it for myself. Complain like a little girl and sell it.

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