Doctor Who Rings of Akhaten Review


Ah yes. Saturday nights have become interesting once again. This episode of Doctor Who was a kind of a mix bag of nuts for me. I like the cocktail nuts and maybe the cashew nuts but there was a few other nuts in there that I could cared less about.

This precise leaf at the precise time is precisly why I must marry you!
This precise leaf at the precise time is precisely why I must marry you!

We begin with the Doctor doing a little background check on Clara. He started at the beginning with her parents. We see the almighty leaf of destiny. The leaf that caused Clara’s dad to meet Clara’s mom. A moment that I firmly believe will be important in later episodes. So the Doctor is going through every phase of her life only confirming the inevitable conclusion. That Clara is not suppose to be alive. We all know the Doctor is just loving this impossible situation right now. Which brings us to their new adventure. Now this is where the mixed feelings of this episode begins. The initial beginning with the history of Clara was important. It gave us a genesis point to use as a reference. Now we have this planet that isn’t as exciting or interesting at all.

I wonder what I would do if someone showed me an alien planet.
I wonder what I would do if someone showed me an alien planet.

I been following the Doctor Who series for a while and I still don’t know how the companions are so comfortable with aliens and alien worlds. Now I know I would be totally freaking out. The amount of questions I would be asking would cause the Doctor to hate me. So anyway they are at this bazaar where aliens use precious items as currency. That in itself is pretty cool. So as the Doctor runs around like a kid in a candy store he left Clara behind where she bumps into the queen of ages. Interesting point while she was running away with the queen of ages Clara tried going inside the tardis and made an interesting comment. The tardis does not like her. It didn’t open the door for her. Well Well the plot thickens!


Now this little girl was thought all of the poems and songs of the universe and have one task. To sing to this “god” a song to stay asleep so he don’t kill them. You know how it is. So anyway they bonded and Clara gave her the push in the right direction. I wonder if there is a point to Clara and children. In every life that she has or was shown she had a relationship with children that isn’t her own. Maybe she is a child whisperer. Cutting to the chase the bad man in the glass woke up and snatched the queen. Just like that Doctor Who to the rescue! They hopped on a space motorbike and off they went.

Now when they got there it was the classic Doctor moment. Uneven odds and time was against him. But we all know the Doctor work better when he is under pressure. Cause all he need is his screwdriver. That reminds me I need to buy one from ebay.

So we have Doctor with his screwdriver. Check.
So we have The Doctor with his screwdriver. Check.
Bad guys with Jedi force powers. Check.
Bad guys with Jedi force powers. Check.

This is when things get very interesting. The beast in the glass was just a very old alarm clock. He woke up the huge planet in the background. So we found out that it is a parasite that have been feeding on the pain, anguish, sorrow, joy, happiness and memories of planets. So who do you think can fill his appetite? The Doctor of course. He is couple thousand years old. What he said here gave me a clue to why he is running. A clue to the degree of his secret. Also hopefully as the series go along we can finally get the answer hidden in plain sight. Doctor who? Here is what he said to the parasite planet.

Take All of it!! Almost as if he want to be releived of his burden almost.

I have seen a few things. I walked away through the great time war. I mourned the passing of the time lords. I saw the birth of the universe. I watched it’s time run out, moment by moment until nothing remained. No time no space just me. I walked in universes where the laws of physics were devised by the mind of a mad man. And I watched universes freeze and creations burned. I have seen things you wouldn’t believe. I have lost things you will never understand. And I know things. Secrets that should never be told. Knowledge that should never be spoken.

Time to feed!
Time to feed!

I don’t know how the Doctor isn’t insane. The things he know and have seen would make any normal man to curl up in a dark corner and just die. The fact that he saw the birth of the universe alone is just mind boggling. He actually stayed and watched it ran out. He saw time end. I don’t think I want to see that. To be in the space of nothing. Wow.

again I am hoping with this amount of insight into the Doctor we can finally understand why he is always running through time. To help fix the things that are fixable. Also to get the answer to the age old question. The same question that if asked would mark the end of things. The question hidden in plain sight. Doctor who? I know that is asking for to much but while watching this episode I felt that even though it was not a canon episode and was just a footnote to the bigger picture it was interesting to see this side of the Doctor. Where he sheds some insight to his pain and burden. He hides it well. I guess that is why he needs a companion. To keep him busy. To keep him from becoming The Doctor. Destroyer of Worlds. Who can take the title “doctor” which is synonymous to comfort and healing. To something more sinister. So till the next episode stay frosty!


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