Battlefield 4 on the PS3 or PS4?

Now Luetin09 posed a very good question in this video. Which got me thinking should I really get BF4 for the PS3 and get a scaled down version. The fact the PS4 is not Backward Compatible will I be able to continue my game save on the PS4. Also I know for a sure fact the servers for the PS3 will not be crossing over to those on the PS4. Which means the online stats would not be carried over. What will Dice do. Somehow as Luetin09 pointed out this is an EA move. Trying to maximize on this game. EA know the amount of sheep out there right now will be buying this game.


Buying the PS4 is inevitable but having to buy the game a second time just for the upgraded graphics and probably other DLC is insane. Also what will happen to a gamer who buys the premium content for the PS3. Will he have to buy it again for the PS4. Once again the PC players have the upper hand. They will be buying the optimized version on day one. Which brings me to my final point.

What will Dice do. Will they make the transition for console gamers much easier. I hope I am not venting to early but looking at Dice track record for handling delicate issues and I can say I am pretty much screwed. So will you buy the game twice? Will you wait for the PS4 to be released then buy BF4? Or will you join me and become an angry sheep and demand an easy transition. Here is an idea Dice. Use cloud saves to continue on the PS4. Also use the origin account to tell the PS4 what content we already paid for and unlock it on the PS4. Don’t be a douche bag.

We are watching....
We are watching….

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