Doctor Who: Cold War Review


So once again I have the honour of thanking my local internet provider for the blackout. Nonetheless I am back and popping. So Saturday we had a very interesting episode of Doctor Who. There wasn’t a bad guy per say. He was just a very confused and dangerous alien from Mars. Now here is the kicker. He was frozen for couple thousand years and woke up to this poor guy thawing him out. I mean talk about cranky. So we have all the ingredients for a classic Doctor Who episode. Well not everything. Where is the Doctor?

Viva Las Vegas!!!
Viva Las Vegas!!!

I mean after all the years the Doctor been flying the Tardis and he still don’t like knowing where he is going. I mean there were episodes where he would know where he is going but sometimes he likes the feeling of not knowing. He love living on the edge buddy. So now that the Doctor is in the house er I mean Sub let the chaos begin. So because the cranky martian caused the submarine to sink things got real fast quick and in a hurry. Luckily for the Germans the Doctor is there. Funny thing here we always was told that during the cold war the Nazi is the bad guys. Here we have a german submarine carrying nukes that can destroy the world and the Doctor is helping them stay alive. Which brings me back to my first point that this episode is quite interesting. We have two enemies that are not bad. Just meeting each other at a bad time. So in reality the doctor was keeping the peace between the martian and germans.

So anyway as usual somebody does something incredibly stupid. Someone shocked the martian unconscious. The Doctor was shocked when he heard his name. He instantly knew they were in deep trouble. Funny thing about the Doctor when he said they go way back you can almost sense that he had a battle with them once or twice. Somehow I feel we will be introduced to a back story of this somehow.

Look all I want to do is use the bathroom.
Look all I want to do is use the bathroom.

So since the Doctor have him put in chains they try to establish communication. One thing we know about the Doctor is he can talk his way out of almost anything. If he was a used car sales man he would be rich. Well since everyone there had been in war the only option was to send in the companion. Now remember the Doctor searched all over the universe and in time to find Clara. Now he is sending her in a room with a very angry alien that might kill her. Classic Doctor Who. So anyway he sends her in and as you know it the thing we saw walking all slow like the hulk was an armour. Color me purple. Martian slithered away like a huge lizard. I always thought they were small little green men.

Well he almost look like him...
Well he almost look like him…

The martian began his rampage. Gathering information and understanding his position. He was and still is a hero of mars. He is like the Duke of Mars. We have a moment where Clara and the german scientist are walking through the submarine and talking about different things. Then out of the blue he asked Clara about the future. HE seemed serious. Clara backed up in shock. She continued to say no and the scientist kept on asking her about the future. Then at the height of suspense he asked if the the group Ultravox stay together. With a sigh of relief Clara smiled and realized that this german scientist is just to funny.

For some reason I feel very safe around him.
For some reason I feel very safe around him.
Hmm I wonder if he has a hard time finding gloves…

Then BAM! Just like that he grabs her head and just when we think the martian gonna snap her head like a peanut the scientist pop some shots like Clint Eastwood. Then he slithered around and grabbed his head. Just then the Doctor came in with the captain to help talk his way out of having the scientist head popped like bubble wrap. Do you remember the armour that was in chains. Well the suit can move on its own. EPIC. Thing like knight rider. Rolled in like a boss. Had even the Doctor in shock. So the martian realized he is all alone and decided to just blow up the earth. I mean what would you do if you woke up after 5000 years and all that you loved is dust. Might as well just blow everything up right. So they have a stand off. The Doctor and the martian.

Let us see who will blink first Doctor.
Let us see who will blink first Doctor.

As you know the Doctor was willing to destroy himself and everyone in the submarine just so that he won’t destroy the earth. Admiral but crazy. Just when you think the Doctor would destroy everything with his trusty sonic screwdriver the martian brothers found him and rescued them all. Happy ending right. Well not really. The Tardis decided to run away inside the submarine and teleported itself  to the other pole. Comedy. All in all I liked this episode but I am wondering when will we see some back story to Clara. What makes her so unique. Why is she scattered through time retaining her looks and personality. She was able to hack the Daleks and make them forget the Doctor. She was able to find the Doctor twice and died. Yet she is alive with him now. Come on we want answers. Stop stringing us along. Ah well I guess I will enjoy the ride. Till next time stay frosty!



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