This is the most epic review for Guacamelee you will ever find on the internet. Why you ask? Well because I am a gamer and not a hype machine.

Let us begin with my PS Vita. It died on me and I had no internet. Yes my internet decided to stop working. So bored out of my mind I decided to fix my PS Vita. It wasn’t charging and I got my screw driver and some super glue and I went to town.

This is what happens when you have no internet and idle hands.
This is what happens when you have no internet and idle hands.

So the good news doesn’t stop there. I decided to turn on my PS3 and play some Naruto Ninja Storm 3. What did I found in my inbox.

I love free money!
I love free money!

Just like that I now have money to buy a game. So I logged in to my neighbours WiFi for a hot minute to try and download a game to play while I have no internet. To my surprise Guacamelee was for $11 for PSN Plus users. That was a set up.


Let me state for those who want to know how good this game is. This is an excellent game. If you loved Metroid, Mario or even Castlevania Symphony of the Night then this game will be a dream for you. I love this game. Not only is this game fun but the graphics in the game is crisp and clean. The animation is fluid and smooth. The story is hilarious and gripping. The only drawback for this game would be how short it is. Replay value is not so high. I mean you can play to get 100% and play with a friend. Those are nice things that make the game more exciting.

Uploading the save data from my PS Vita. Was playing it at the bank.

A feature that PS Vita owners will rejoice about is the cross buy feature. Buying this game will give you access to the Vita version. Both play the same and both look stunning. It was an easy process to continue your game on the go. On the PS3 or PS Vita you go to options and upload your save data to the cloud. Now I think if you are a PSN Plus user you get this feature. Seeing how you need access to the cloud. Once you upload the save data just go over to the console of choice and continue where you left off.

Downloading the save data to my PS3

The process is quick and easy. This is a feature that I feel Sony should exploit. They have a very powerful handset and it is failing big time. I think it is down there somewhere with the Wii-U. Nonetheless I enjoyed playing this game. This is a great pick up and go game. The Combos in the game is easy and not to much pressure is upon you to perfect it. The game helps you become a combo master without you knowing it. So if you are afraid of games with complicated controls don’t worry about this game. Very simple but yet complicated for those who want to be a master. The price is right also and if you are a PSN plus user it is even cheaper.

Now where did I see this before...
Now where did I see this before…

This gae pays homage to great classics such as metroid and other side scroll beat-em ups games. I loved the humour and the dialogs between you and other characters. This is where this game shines. There isn’t no voice acting but they tell a great story that isn’t boring. There was a part in the game where you think that you found the princess and the evil lady nemesis said “Sorry the princess is at another castle.” Now if you know your games that was taken from Super Mario World. I loved it. So if you are bored like me and want a great side game to play I recommend Guacamelee. Till later stay frosty!