Doctor Who review: Hide & Journey to the Center of the Tardis


This episode was freaky! I was both scared and freaked out. Many points in this episode had me wondering about everyone. Including the Tardis.

Let me begin with the Ghost-busters reference. Very cheesy. I hope to God they will never do that again. Moving on we are at a haunted house with a man who evidently done many bad things in his past. I can already see how the Doctor can associate with him. Then we have the em-path. A psychic that can feel the emotions of a person. This girl can tell what you are feeling. A blessing and a curse. So we have the Doctor rambling about stuff and talking about irrelevant things as usual. Then as the Doctor and Clara walk towards the heart of the house things start to get spooky. As the lightening flash you see this figure in the shadows lurking. Then all of a sudden the place gets real cold. We all know what that means. Things are about to go down. Real fast. The psychic started to call out to the ghost and it came out.


All hell broke lose and the Doctor was not his usual self. He seemed like he couldn’t understand what was going on. We all know he loves things that he doesn’t understand. So like a kid in a candy store he began to investigate. This is the interesting part. The Doctor and Clara was walking up to the tardis Clara stated that she felt like the tardis was watching her. And that the tardis doesn’t like her. Why would the tardis not like her. This is the second time that this was mentioned. I know they are stringing us along with this story but I know there is a method to the madness. All shall be revealed. So the Doctor told her that she have to be nice to the tardis.


So Doctor went back in the past before the house was built and took pictures. He jumped in out of time doing that and suddenly Clara realized something. The Doctor have been de synthesized to the fact he knows the end of the earth. The many lives that will perish. Clara said something that made me think. She said that to the Doctor we are all ghosts. In reality she is right. If you know our end and have the opportunity to talk to us before the said time event wouldn’t it be like talking to a ghost. The Doctor had a good response and he calls us a mystery

Interesting enough we reached the point where the Doctor figured out the ghost is just another time traveler stuck in a pocket universe. The Doctor made a way to get the lady. Sadly he got stuck after saving her. Clara ran to the tardis and we see the tardis talk back to her. I wonder what beef the tardis have with her. Hmm Hopefully we shall find out. Long and short this episode is building on things to come.

Basic Mode…. epic fail

Which brings me to this epic episode. Journey to the center of the tardis. Look fellow Whovians. This episode just pissed me off. Not that it was a bad episode but it gave me a taste of answers. Gave me a glimpse of what could be. Now the Doctor gave Clara a chance to ride the tardis. That moment as the shields dropped a salvaging team captured them. Placed a bomb inside and caused massive damage. Now we have the Doctor and Clara separated. Three guys who are looking for treasure. The Doctor realizing who he was up against decided to get a little crazy and started a timer to explode the tardis. We all know he would never do that. He loves the tardis more than anything else. So we know he was bluffing. He likes to bluff.

Now we have the infamous evil monster running around in the tardis. Now I was trying my best to figure out what they were. I know they had to come from somewhere. But where was the question.

Ah the things I could learn from this room
Ah the things I could learn from this room

Now I have a few points that I want to bring to light.

  1. Clara stumbled upon a room. A library that contained information that any real Whovian would love to read or see. History of the planet of the Time Lords. All the knowledge contained in a bottle. Epic stuff if you ask me.
  2. Clara opened the “book”. Yes the holy grail of the Doctor. Contained “His Name” ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME!!! All the years of people traveling with the Doctor and no one ever just rolled in there and read the book. I guess because the Tardis was blown up and about to explode many of the places became accessible.
  3. One of the salvagers felt the tardis. We found out that he wasn’t an android and he felt the tardis in pain. How is that possible. He even knew what to do to be safe from the evil echoes.
The heart of the tardis in pieces...
The heart of the tardis in pieces…

Those are just some points that I found very interesting from this episode. There was a little bit more that was revealed like the Doctor exposing his real motive behind having her with him. Then we have Clara knowing his name. I mean come on!! Then they throw us the whole MIB you won’t remember anything time travel bull crap. GRRRR I hate that!! Just when things was getting juicy it goes back to normal. At least we know that the secrets that the Doctor is running from will be revealed soon. Sorry for the late review. Had business to take care of at work. So till later stay frosty!!

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