So for most of us gamers we own a smart phone. Since the inception of the iPhone the handheld market been trailing behind. I won’t lie These games can be addictive! Right now I am hooked on Fieldrunners 2.

Trust me this game is crazy fun. It holds up nicely on my Nexus 4 phone. Sorry this isn’t about Fieldrunners 2. This is about Plants VS Zombies 2. Somehow I think this game will be about time travel. Would be epic if Doctor Who Tardis shows up in it. Hey a man can dream. Sadly we have no gameplay as yet but will definitely will update with footage once it comes available. Now let me talk about the trailer. They got my boy Francis in it. For those who don’t know Francis is the first dude speaking with the “heavy accent” LOL. Dude cracks me up!


So the game comes out in July 2013 and most likely it will come out for the iPhone family and Android. Not sure if it will come out for the PS Vita and Nintendo 3DS. The way sales have been for the latter two I doubt any mobile game developer will make the effort to port it over there. Just sad how handhelds have fallen. Ah well such is life. All I know big tings a gwan when Plants vs Zombies come through. So for all my mobile gamers out there the sequel is coming!!