The Grand Daddy of FPS is back. I know most of you are wondering what is so special about this announcement. Let me tell you before Goldeneye for the N64. Before Half Life. Before even Counterstrike there was Wolfenstein. This game is nostalgic and gave us the foundation in 3D world gaming. Here is a little old school gaming for ya.

Talk about blast from the past. That is why gamers like me appreciate my humble beginnings. Yes I know that Call of Duty brought us to the place where we are now but these games are what made me the FPS whore that I am now. I look forward to this game when it comes available. The graphics look clean and the story already got me drooling at the mouth. Especially at the end of the trailer my boy standing with two guns like a boss looking at the mechs. I am guessing they may have this coming out on the new PS4 and Xbox 720. I highly doubt this would be coming out for the Wii-U. The sales have been low but I think with some strong first party titles it could pick up eventually. So look out for this game and as we draw closer to E3 expect many more game announcements to come!