Every where I go I see these blogs. Xbox One Vs PS4. They are everywhere. Like there is nothing else to do but speculate and hate. I for one am getting tired of this craziness. Some would say stop reading it and move on. Well I would if I wasn’t so interested in what these two next gen consoles can offer me. So far both have pluses and both have negatives.

As of now Blake and Bash are geared up and ready for a vlog we will be doing soon to talk about these two new consoles. I won’t say much now but I will say that both have a negative that got me thinking. No backward compatibility. That is a deal breaker for me. If I have to go by the amount of games I have for the PS3 this is a problem. Not so much for the Xbox 360. I don’t own much games for that system. Which could lead me to buy the Xbox One for media purposes. As a computer technician I can use it to stream my media content from my Windows Server without using PS3 media Server program. To be honest I am using the WD Media Streamer device right now.

WD TV Live Hub front isometric with remoteSo if you are like me who have over 2TB of movies and 4TB of TV shows then getting the Xbox One seem like a no brainer. Now that is if they will allow it. The interface is not yet fully explained and I am not sure about how the Xbox One will accept certain signals coming in. I checked every blog and not one of them could verify that. I saw the the PS4 also have HDMI in. What that means we don’t know. They been pretty stiffed lipped since the last reveal. All I know is that Sony will have to be very careful what they do for E3. I know what you are thinking. I must be a Xbox Fan boy. I assure you I am a Sony fanboy but when it comes to being  honest about the brand I love and sharing my opinion I want to be fair. The PS Vita is dead. I own one and haven’t touched it in months. I dare anyone to tell me otherwise. Cause I want to like it but right now there isn’t much to keep me.  I have the Eye toy er I mean the Playstation Eye and it is right now in my drawer of cables catching more dust than my old PC.

I no longer love you Playstation Eye. Into the Pit you go.
I no longer love you Playstation Eye. Into the Pit you go.

Then we have the biggest turd of them all.

Seriously utter crap. NO ONE LIKES THE MOVE!! IT IS DEAD!!! Look I love me some Sony but this is where I had to cover my head in embarrassment. So where do I stand with the Xbox One. Well I am not sure about that one either. 90% of my friends are on the PS3 and I am not a fan of Xbox Live. Something about paying to be online hurts my wallet feelings. Also with all the hate going on the internet makes it very hard to make a solid decision. For example I was looking over on and was shocked to see how a certain audience feel about the Xbox One. I can’t wait to see what will be introduced at E3. All eyes will be on Sony and Microsoft. There was someone else in this race. Oh yeah!! Nintendo. They dropped out the console race. I actually saw somewhere on the internet that someone believes that Nintendo will be on top of the console wars with the release of certain games. I think it was Smash Brothers Wii-U. Some other games I can’t recall but Nintendo shot themselves in the foot a long time ago. I hope Sony don’t do the same by pulling dead weight. I want them to lose the Vita and Move. Focus on the games. Also if I was the Xbox One I would just dispel all the rumors and set the record straight.