Naruto Shippuuden 316 review


This episode was funny. I had a conversation with a friend who HAVEN’T READ THE MANGA and we thought of this cool idea. Why not have the people who are reanimated just talk and act normal. Well this episode was all about catching up with your zombie friends.
We begin with a little back story of Kabato doing some grave robbing. Looking for legendary ninjas. Only finding a bunch of noobs. Fast forward to now and Kabato decide to bring these guys on the battlefield. That is when things get interesting.

That is alot of grave robbing. He definitly need a girlfriend.
That is alot of grave robbing. He definitly need a girlfriend.

We have these guys sounding all hard and ready to kill. Just to find out they a bunch of noobs. Then instead of them fighting we got brothers reuniting and chatting like they was on vacation for a minute. Just watching it was pure comedy. The funny thing is the living talking back to them like yeah what you’ve been up to.

So one of the funniest encounters was with Temari. She being hardcore was the perfect setup. Daimaru who died and was reincarnated  was like since I am dead best give it a shot. He told her only something he could of done while being dead. He loved her. Even in death she shot him down. Like a boss.

Since I am dead and you can only just kill me again.....
Since I am dead and you can only just kill me again…..

Anyway this was another fluff episode that added nothing to the main arc. Naruto was only in it for a whole 1.2 seconds. Yep is there a way to know when this is going to be finished. I guess I will have to keep watching. The next episode is another fluff. It look like it may have some fighting. The battle between the bugs!! Well I have better things to do and blog about. E3 is coming and the fanboys are in full effect!! Till later stay frosty!

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