So if you are like me and do not want to miss any part of E3 June 10th 2013 then best you find some place with a good internet connection.Why? Because streaming is your best bet. Here in the BVI watching it on TV isn’t gonna happen. Especially now that Sony Press conference won’t be on Spike TV. Same thing as last year. So what time will these events take place?

  • Microsoft at 12PM Eastern (9AM Pacific, 5PM UK)
  • EA 3:30PM Eastern (12:30PM Pacific, 8:30PM UK)
  • Ubisoft 6:00PM Eastern (3PM Pacific, 11PM UK)
  • Sony 9PM Eastern (6PM Pacific, 2AM (June 11) UK)

Don’t worry the eastern time is when you will be able to watch it. I know there will be a detailed stream over at Gametrailers.com. For all of the different conferences that will be showing. Here is the link:


Most likely they may be bogged down from the sheer amount of users that will be logging in to see it.

Here is a link via Ustream for the Playstation Press conference at 9PM


Here is an official link from Sony

Don’t worry I got something for those die hard Xbox fans. I know some people are upset about the “always online thing” and other short comings but You still want to hear them out and find out what exactly they will do.

If you own a windows phone you can watch it from this exclusive app.


If you don’t have Spike TV then you can always check it out here:


I feel that most of these sites can work on your smart phone. I know I will be watching this on my Google TV. Everything is better on a big screen. Sadly Nintendo will be doing a showing Tuesday. Not sure about what they plan to show but right now Nintendo must capitalize on the recent developments with Microsoft. Bring games and other interesting things to the table and the Wii-U might be saved……HA seriously I couldn’t say that with a straight face. Sorry the Wii-U is dead. Even if Sony decides to go the path of DRM I will stick with my PS3 and Xbox 360 till the cycle dies out. The Wii-U lack titles and games. If they link with Sega and bring out the dreamcast 2 then hey I am so over there. But I doubt that will ever happen.

I will do my best to bring you everything that E3 can give also watch for a Carib Gamer Vlog. Will be hitting up all the gamers on Tortola and get their reactions from the Xbox One conference. I know this will be interesting!