PSN Tuesday Vita Edition



Look what nearly slipped my radar. Another day of awesome gaming. Now this is the Vita edition and I know some don’t own that little devil but for those who do own one (like me) finally get something new and fresh on it. These two games are the highlight of the newest additions to the Vita library and cost about $35

Ever since I played this game on the Wii I knew this was destined to  be on the Vita. The gameplay sytle begged to be ported over on the handheld. I am so glad they chose the Vita and not the Nintendo DS. I guess it was just made for the HD screen.

I won’t lie. I know nothing about this game. My friend told me about it and was like “dude you must play this game!” I am not to keen on the graphics and the top down play style but hey I am willing to give it a try. This game will be available for both the PS3 and PS Vita. So you get the two for one deal here. Can’t go wrong with that. It cost $10.

Sony really giving the Indie developers a real push this time around.
Sony really giving the Indie developers a real push this time around.

Games like Limbo are also in there. That game is addictive and simple. I mean it isn’t a show stopper in terms of graphics but the simplistic idea behind it is very cool.

There is a free game for the Plus users.

Now I know Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward isn’t for everyone but still worth a check. It is a puzzle type game that will allow you to shape the outcome. You figure out puzzles and decide who to trust. I think since it is free give it a try. This edition of PSN Tuesday is showing the Vita some will deserved love. Even though most people don’t own the little device it is good to see it getting a little attention.


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