Gaming Offline


So I was walking to the store today in my town area and saw this lady selling games, movies, hats and other things on the side. To my surprise was these young gamers running some Black Ops 2 offline. Playing against each other split screen. It took me back to the days of playing GoldenEye for the Nintendo 64.

This game takes me back...good times
This game takes me back…good times
Back in those days 32bit and 64bit games run the route. Then when the rumble pak hit the scene…game over!!

It goes to show how things are changing. Nintendo gave us the blueprint of having fun with your friends on one screen. In those days playing multiplayer you needed a PC hooked up in LAN. The internet was in the infant stages. I know a world with no internet…Scary. Which made me think about the idea of the Xbox One. I know I have been mean to the Xbox One for shoving down our throats the idea of being online all the time. It is a hard notion to swallow. Especially in the BVI. For the same reason that our country do not have the bandwidth to sustain the need for always online gaming. Those young gamers would not be able to play the new Black ops on the Xbox One offline for too long. Now that they changed their minds it is possible to play for a longer period of time. I love the idea don’t get me wrong but what about enjoying the console without hooking up to the internet. Believe it or not there is some people who don’t have internet. Yes they may be the minority and we need to push on to the future but what do we tell them. To add salt to the already crappy internet we barley have Electricity on the island. Power outages come very often.  I guess when Sony made the decision to allow offline gaming the old school gamers rejoiced. I wished the Xbox One didn’t  change their minds. I  wished they stuck to their guns and ignored the poor pre order sales and raging fanboys. I wished they just continued their campaign and see it to the end. At least that way we would of seen for sure if we are ready for the future. Most gamers tell me the future is here. Cloud gaming is the future. No longer are we gonna buy game discs.

No more mom and pop shops like this.
No more mom and pop shops like this.

You wanna know why things like this will go away. Instead of going down the road and picking up a game we can just buy it online and download it. Right now Sony gives us tons of free games and discounts online. The free games from PSN Plus are attached to the account for the year. As long as you’re a plus member you get to play those free games. They idea is to ease you into the idea of digital games. You download games so often that it becomes second nature. The future is here. Whether we like it or not. We all know Microsoft will change their minds with the always online deal. Just a matter of time when the dust settle and the fanboys have become domesticated their agenda will come to fruition. I am glad to see that the gamers still have a voice. Usually companies like Microsoft only speak to money. It seem money wasn’t speaking the DRM language. The Xbox One have great ideas and we will see if those ideas will resurface once again. Until then I will be playing offline at Versus Gamespot and other arcades until we take the red pill…


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