HTKU is at WAR!!!




Fellow HTKU members. This is a declaration of mass proportions. We have a situation. Members of the 340 clan have openly humiliated us. Here is a pic that Puddy Leo Kinglion posted last night after a very tough game with only three members defending. Blake, Matthew and myself did our best to hold it down.

puddy 2
This conquest match was filled with pussy’s in tanks and helicopters. Fighting off these man was irritating.
puddy 1
Yet another match where had no help from the other noobs we was paired with. Nonetheless we held our ground and put up a good fight.

 So as you know we are training for the VXG 2013 games and have been playing whack ops 2. Now I am calling to my clan. Stop what you are doing. Find that copy of BF3. I am declaring war against 340 clan. We will not rest knowing that our name is being put down. We will destroy them. We will tea bag them. We will yank dem TAGS!!!

There is a few of them that we need to observe. Prime Suspect is the leader. Known for yanking tags. Keep a good eye out for him. When defending Coms he usually is the one front and center. Then we have VI Massacre. He usually covers Prime back either by sniping or flanking. If he isn’t around the Puddymenace takes up that role. Then we have VI Joker. He took my tags twice. Which means he is on my hit list. The others are always on the ground causing trouble. We need to collect our arms and get ready. No excuses. No surrender. We will not be second best. We will be the ones standing over their dead bodies with their tags in our hands while we ROOOAARRRRRR! Even if I have to fight them alone!!

me against the world


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