Pacific Rim Review


Anime fans rejoice! This is a live action Gundam movie. Go watch it. For those who don’t know what Gundam is and probably have no idea what a Kaiju is then I will translate it for you.

I loved playing games like Zone of the Enders

Great Mech Game!
Great Mech Game!

And watching mech anime such as Mobile Suit Gundam, Bubble Gum Crisis and of course the cult classic Voltron. Don’t worry this is a spoiler free review. I really think this movie can get a video game adoption or even a series. So lets get into the heart of the movie. What is a Kaiju? Is it a killer rabbit from the planet Hibiscus? Sadly no LOL “Kaiju (怪獣 kaijū?) is a Japanese word that literally translates to “strange beast”. However, the word Kaiju has been universally translated and defined into English as “monster” or “giant monster”. I know what you are thinking…Hong Kong, Giant Monsters There can only be one translation for this. Godzilla. Yes I know I was totally thinking the same thing. All through the movie I was hoping to see him on the side sipping some lemonade saying to King Kong ” These young monsters with dem fancy CG animation. In my day we had strings and oversized costumes!”

What they did was bring a familiar concept and added their own flavor to the monster versus mech movie. I know those who watch Anime will know this very well. The fight scenes are great. The characters are not oscar worthy but did a great job bringing you into their world and their situation. Which brings me to how they pilot the mechs. Two minds become as one. I love it. It adds a whole new level of pilot and co pilot. This brings a level of drama to the movie that makes you think about your relationship with friends and family. Do we ever forget. Memories that haunt us for the rest of our lives. What ever you have hidden deep inside of your head the other one will see. Basically they see each others thoughts.

If you are a person who loves a great story, mechs, action and a splash of comedy then this movie is for you. Now if you want a well thought out story that involves a dictionary and user manual to figure out the plot then this is not your movie. This is what I call Godzilla 2013. Everything about it reminds me of the simple concept of Monster vs Man. I give this movie a Huge B+.



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