Jessica as Nathan Drake.

Everything comes to an end. Just like in Highlander there can only be one. One champ and sadly that isn’t me. That doesn’t mean I didn’t have a great time. I thank Lime, Fresh Mango, Smart Home Real Estate and JTV for allowing us to be able to test our skills against the best of the best in the Caribbean.

Allen4D getting on rude!!
Allen4D getting on rude!!

So let me start with the Call of Duty Black Ops 2 tournament. The competition came down to VI Killers and the PR Call of Duty Pros. The match was one sided. The pros came in and mopped up. We gave them a run for their money but that wasn’t enough. I learned that day winners win. Losers piss and moan. I learned that there is a difference between casual gamers and pro gamers. I came close but I can do better. So after the PR pros won I sat down with Allen4D and got some tips. You know I had to learn how to get better. The team that plays together wins together. Funny thing about the free for all tournament they also mopped up. At the end it was Allen4D against his own team mate. Talk about vibes!!!

Look at that score....epic
Look at that score….epic

After talking to the Host of the Call of Duty Black Ops 2 and Halo 4 tournament I was reassured they will be doing things different. Which is good because there was a lot of speed bumps along the way. I am just glad that they didn’t fold and gave up but stuck to their guns and gave us the best tournament we could of experienced. One thing that they could of done better was the elimination. Having to play good all the time is tough. Having a losers bracket would of helped but with 52 players and 6 xbox 360 isn’t good. So with Battlefield 4 and Call of Duty Ghost coming I need to be ready.

These Halo 4 matches was epic!
These Halo 4 matches was epic!
I lost $10 at this grudge match. St. Maarten vs USVI.
I lost $10 at this grudge match. St. Maarten vs USVI.

Now lets go over to the Fifa 2013 champ. Aruba vs Jamaica. I won’t lie I don’t play Fifa but watching these ,am play made me want to jump up and shout GOAL!!!!! It was a neck and neck match. These man was playing like their life was on the line. Then like a woman giving birth a loud scream broke through the room. Jamaica won!!! Let me tell you if you didn’t know they won you got to be deaf and dumb. These man had bull horn and flag… wait and then dem pop bottle!!!! I tell you $3000 for being the best says a lot. I was part of the celebration. Yeah you know Carib Gamer had to be up in that action!!

It was loud. Very LOUD...
It was loud. Very LOUD…
Celebration Jamaican Style!
Celebration Jamaican Style!

Did you know there was a Yu-Gi-Oh Tournament also. Yes these man was slapping cards on the table like they owed them money. You think these man was acting nice. Mehson man was in dem tank steady. Everyone that was there came hard. No one was half stepping. St. Lucia went home with $1000 easy.

Slap dem cards!!!
Slap dem cards!!!

All in all the VXG 2013 was a success. In my opinion certain things could have been done differently but it is what it is. Next year we will be ready and not be caught with our pants down. After that was the after party with Jah Cure. It was a free concert and the place was packed. You know that wasn’t my kind of scene so I went to the one place that allowed me to have it my way.

People for days..
People for days..
I love me some Burger King
I love me some Burger King

The last meal for the VXG 2013. Been craving that burger since I left the sates. Thing went down real good. I enjoyed the people at VXG 2013. I made friends and learned where I stand on the gamer scale. So next year HTKU and 340 clan will be one and out of that alliance we will be the BF4 champs and go home with the cash prize and bragging rights! Keep it locked with Video Footage to come!!!

Here are the standings for VXG 2013

Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3

1st – VXG.EMP| Flocker
2nd – AGE| Chris G.
3rd – coL| Filipino Champ
4th – GoldenBoyNeo
5th – VXG.EMP| IFC Yipes
5th – VXG.EMP| Dieminion 
7th – EG| PR Balrog
7th – VXG.EMP| KDZ

Super Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition ver. 2012

1st – EG| PR Balrog
2nd – VXG.EMP| Dieminion
3rd – AvM| GamerBee
4th – AGE| Chris G.
5th – WW| Ryan Hart
5th – FNEX.EMP| KBrad
7th – VXG.EMP| DR Ray 
7th – Mike Ross

Injustice: Gods Among Us

1st – FNATIC| Perfect Legend
2nd – AGE| Chris G.
3rd – VXG.EMP| KDZ
4th – CGZ| Warchild
5th – GGA| Wafflez
5th – RG.EMP| CD Jr.
7th – EG| PR Balrog
7th – Curbolicious

Street Fighter x Tekken 2013

1st – AvM| GamerBee
2nd – VXG.EMP| Dieminion
3rd – VxG.EMP| Santhrax
4th – DGPL| Erikof
5th – RG.EMP| CD Jr.
5th – Mike Ross
7th – coL| Filipino Champ
7th – EG| PR Balrog

Mortal Kombat 9

1st – GGA| Dizzy
2nd – GGA| 16-Bit
3rd – GGA| Wafflez
4th – RG.EMP| CD Jr.
5th – AGE| Chris G.
5th – Curbolicious
7th – FNATIC| Perfect Legend
7th – DK Mitsurugi

Super Smash Bros. Brawl

1st – CT.EMP| Mew2King
2nd – Crossfire Will
3rd – DPGL| William
4th – Wilmenz
5th – Ermac
5th – Pane
7th – Thiel619
7th – VXG.EMP| DR Ray 

Super Smasn Bros. Melee

1st – CT.EMP| Mew2King
2nd – VXG.EMP| DR Ray 
3rd – DR Congre
4th – Crossfire Will
5th – Ermac
5th – Pheel
7th – Goku
7th – Dr. Wil

King of Fighters 13

1st – DGPL| Crossover
2nd – DGPL| Erikof
3rd – AGE| Chris G.
4th – VXG.EMP| DR Ray 

Tekken Tag Tournament 2

1st – TRV| Fuko
2nd – MI| JustFrameJames
3rd – MI| Fighting GM
4th – LUYP| RIP

FiFa 2013

1st – SB.EMP| Kill Them 
2nd – Gloshes
3rd – SXM| Barnier
4th – SB.EMP| Jamaican Shhh
5th – SB.EMP| Jamaican Star
5th – ZyeBoss
7th – Ju_SXM
7th – SB.EMP| SivlerBird77

NBA 2K13

1st – Joe
2nd – Xx_ILIK3EGGZ_xX
3rd – CGZ | Deh vi Souljah
4th – Mr_Showoff
5th – 4evax.mafia o
5th – Sunny11297
7th – CGZ | VlxW2TDsxTamio
7th – Eljah

Halo 4

1st – Suraj Uttamchandani
2nd – VXG.EMP Samantha “Persia” Hancock 
3rd – Hosea Lynch
4th – Nigel Peterson
5th – Jeremiah Van Putten
5th – Andrew Rombley
7th – Stephen Buncamper
7th – Charles Heemsek

Call of Duty: Black Ops II

1st – TSD.EMP| Allan “Allan 4D” Salgado 
2nd – TSD.EMP| Carlos “ReLy V” Vargas 
3rd – Mathis Hodge
4th – Jeremiah Van Putten
5th – TSD.EMP| Junito “NuVoo” Padilla 
5th – Stefano Maretti
7th – VXG.EMP| Micheal “IFC Yipes” Mendoza
7th – Jonathan Cosmo

Super Smash Bros. Brawl (Teams)

1st – Team NY/NJ: CT.EMP| Mew2King + CrossFire Will
2nd – Team Dr. Wills
3rd – Team Double Flash: Tito + Jam
4th – Team Chocolate Thunder
5th – Team Tuna Pee: Brutal Curves + Virzi
5th – Team Moses: Pane + Phil
7th – Team Enfusys
7th – Team Valentines: Pyscho + Oca

Call of Duty: Black Ops II (3v3) 

1st – Team: EMP| The Stand 
2nd – Team: VSL
3rd – Team: CGZ | VI Killaz
4th – Team: NewBread
5th – Team: 758
5th – Team: Go
7th – Team: Trial
7th – Team: EMP| Persia

Halo 3 (3v3)

1st – Team: UOENO
2nd – Team: Unorthodox
3rd – Team: The Losers
4th – Team: EMP| The Stand 
5th – Team: Saviours
5th – Team: EMP| Persia 
7th – Team: Nemesis

The Team I am gunning for next year
The Team I am gunning for next year. The Stand.
Epic Smash Bros. match...
Epic Smash Bros. match…
Winner of the Street Fighter X Tekken Tournament
Winner of the Street Fighter X Tekken Tournament