Call of Duty Ghosts Multiplayer Reveal

It seams that Activision does not like when someone rips their live stream and post it on YouTube. Go figure. Anyway here is the reveal. My opinion on this reveal only made me understand one thing. Call of Duty will always make money. They have a cult following. No matter how we piss and moan on how the game is broken and not fun anymore or the lag compensation. They will bring another one. Only when the die hard fans stop buying it they will keep pumping them out.

Don't worry no stupid dog footage was shown
Don’t worry no stupid dog footage was shown

Checking out the footage which showed lots of promise had a few borrowed tricks from other FPS. The mount over obstacles was done very nicely. The slide from a running position was a nice touch. BF3 does the mounting already and the slide was done in Medal of Honor. Of course Call of Duty did it better. Medal of Honor was a complete waste. That game had promise and they just rolled over and let it go like the Dodo bird. Epic fail. There is also leaning around corners. Nice touch. Another page from the Medal of Honor book is the squad feature. We all know that was one of the main selling points of Medal of Honor but they screwed that up also. I mean how do you not get communicating with your friend over VOIP not work day one. Still boggles my mind. Anyway Call of Duty Ghost seem to be going the tactical tip. Still have the arcade run and gun flavor but added a little destruction and strategy like it’s rival Battlefield 4. Which let me say there is no way they can compete with Battlefield 4 in terms of content and strategy. One map in BF4 will add up to 6 in Call of Duty. Just saying.


Look out for the side by side vlog we will be doing. Analyzing every aspect of the game. So keep it locked. Now let me get back to the Final Fantasy 14 beta. Don’t worry I have a lot to say about that game.


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