This episode made me realize something…Naruto is a punk. This man just laid down and let these man punk him. Let me run it down.

So we have the masked man talking big. Then we have the eight tails excited and pumped to bash some heads. Now I thought Naruto would have been on the band wagon. Yeah right. This man was more in awe than anything. So just when I thought they was done with the flashbacks the sword Samehada thought back to a battle it had with one of the Jinchurki. Epic fail. I didn’t need to see that.

Even the sword gets a flash back….epic

Yes Things slowed down drastically. I was expecting a big fight but got nothing of the sort. So after that little speed bump we come back to the matters at hand. We have the masked man pwning Naruto. Killer Bee holding his ground but not well against Jinchuriki one through seven. Especially when they have the Rinnegan in their left eye all linked to each other. Giving them great field of vision.

Watch how my girl beasting on these man

I see boobies……lol

So things went south fast for the dynamic duo. I was wondering when Naruto was gonna take lead or charge. I was so wrong. He was just there like a little kid. I was hoping he would of let loose the beast inside of him. All he did was whimper and take blows. So the long and short about this episode was Naruto isn’t ready for the big leagues. I know he still young and haven’t fully grasped his true potential. Makes me wonder what is Sasuke doing. With all this epic war going on what is that little rug rat up to.


Anyway Killer Bee went full eight tails mode cause things was looking grim. Literally cleared the forest. Thinking they was down and out. Nope Mr. Masked Man moving like casper the ghost came up from the ground. Then he came in for the kill. All he wanted to do was touch Naruto. I mean how is that all he needs to do is touch Naruto. What happens if he touches Killer Bee? I guess that is how weak Naruto is….for now. I have hope that he will be uber bad. Like my new found man crush with Madara. Come on dude is a beast. Make Naruto look like Jiggly Puff from Pokemon.

Just a touch….


Just in the nick of time. Never send a boy to do a man’s job. Kakashi and Might Guy to the rescue. Yeah Naruto nearly got “touched”. So we can expect in the next episode for some serious action. Sorry for the late blog just got this new tablet and windows 8 is the worse OS I have ever tasted. Only so that I can blog offline and get these reviews out on time. Especially when I start my One Piece reviews… So till later stay frosty!!