Naruto Shippuuden 326 Review


OMG I loved this episode. I called it on the last review. I asked about that little runt called Sasuke. It is almost like dem guys over at Naruto Headquarters read my blog and decided to answer me. Well thank you for informing me. So lets dig in shall we.


Looks like someone is awake

So this episode starts off with a bang. I usually don’t get excited for Sasuke but he looking like a real bad man. Still can’t beat Naruto…or Madara or his brother. What is interesting is his eyes.


I don’t what they are called right now but I am sure google can help me. I shall call them Gundam eyes.

One thing is for sure he seems quite fine with them. Disposing of the White Zetsu with ease. Another interesting thing he said is that he can see the darkness quite well. Is that he finally got the same prowess like Naruto. Where he can see the evil in content in people. Most likely we will find out as he walks around causing mischief. Cause we all know he got issues.


Rolling out like a boss..

So after that little intermission we come back to the matters at hand. Naruto and the other tailed beast are going at it. Things was looking grim till the dynamic duo came to the rescue. Things started turning for the best. Just then the Four Tails tried to attack the masked man. But the masked man have many tricks up his sleeves. Literally he whipped out a chain to keep the beast in check.


I said DOWN boy….

Like a puppy he was put back into submission. Here is the cool part. I was totally geeking out. The eight tails was talking to the nine tails telepathically. Which showed the history of the tailed beasts unfold. The eight tails was encouraging the nine tails to help Naruto. Realizing that the Nine tails didn’t kill Naruto when he reached his limit of chakra seized the opportunity to convince him to soften up to Naruto. But that didn’t work because they started to argue about who hates who the most and that made me and Naruto chuckle a bit.


Oh yeah we was in a big fight. Focus!

The masked man realized that Kakashi is no push over. His skills of deduction is on par with any Uchiha. I mean he has one eye that literally helps him out A LOT. So he lifted the stakes up a bit. Two of the tailed beasts went into beast mode. A monkey and a snail. Trust me King Kong ain’t got spit on him.


Kaiju Big Battles!!!

The eight tails had his hands full. Injured and having to protect Naruto isn’t an easy task. Not to mention Kakashi and the Mighty Guy dealing with the other tailed beasts added to the drama. To kick things up a notch Naruto got swallowed up by the tailed beast. Yes swallowed up whole. I  thought he would be swimming in gastric juices. Instead he is in the prison cell of the tailed beast.


Welcome to my humble home. Do you want some tea?

This part was very good. Here is where we get a good glimpse into why the nine tails and other tailed beasts have so much hatred towards humans. I will say this though I think the back story of the tailed beast will be nice to see. I get the feeling that when they were created or blessed by the sages of the six paths something went down. They was all together at one point. Also depending with the amount of tails they have determines how strong they are. I go this when the nine tails told the eight tails that he is next in line as the strongest beast. So which makes me wonder how their relationship was before they got trapped inside humans. Also we saw some history of the nine tails through his flash back. Now that is one flash back I do not mind watching.


Just a few of the people that disappointed the Nine Tails

It seam that the Monkey King wants to help Naruto. Which comes to no surprise because we all know Naruto have that effect on people sometimes. He kinda warms up on ya. Well anyway watch this episode. Cause the next episode will be awesome. Yes we will be treated with a very informative episode of the nine tails Kurama. Oh before I forgot only until now Naruto never knew the nine tails name. Interesting enough we all know what will happen now. Epic Upgrade of awesomeness through friendship with Kurama! He will need it cause with bad man like Madara itchy to get back control of Kurama he will need to be teamed up with Naruto. So till the next episode stay frosty. This episode have been brought to you by:


Classic..DBZ fans got to find this funny.

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