This was one of those episodes that just made me roll over with so much excitement that I couldn’t contain myself. I literally was beaming with an epic nerdgasm!!

So what would make this Naruto Fanboy beaming with happiness from one episode. All I will say is the power of the bump fist. Yes we picked up where left off with Goku being freed by the rod but still chained to the Gedo Statue. Naruto thought he was free but was sorely disappointed. Although he gain the respect of the four tails. Something that tailed beast seem to not give so easily. After doing all of that on his own Naruto was tired and about to drop from exhaustion. Then Kurama spoke to Naruto again. I mean the Nine tails was very chatty in this episode. Naruto thanked him for helping him with the fight with Madara and just like that the Nine tails snapped at him. Then like a couple they argued. Something that they never did. Then it happened.



The day we all been waiting for…


Nine Tails Unleashed!!

I was totally geeking out by now….I mean all the years that we have known these two and all the time we know that they were always down each other’s throat but now….They are friends. Buddies. Comrades. Then the song came in my head….Let the bodies hit the floor. Cause we know all hell bout to get loose!


But who is this we see….is this the fourth!


No Sorry, just Naruto in his Epic New Form!!

If you thought the Fourth Hokage was fast you ain’t see nothing yet. This man swat away four tailed beast bomb like them was flies hovering over stale fish. Then when things turn up we see something that made any fanboy should get giddy for…


Nine Tails Beast Mode!!! Like a Boss!!!!

When all of this was happening I was shouting and jumping at the same time. I couldn’t contain myself. I wanted to see so much more. I wanted to see Nine Tails reach over and just start pimp slapping man. Shoot even the Eight Tails got in some action. I know he couldn’t let Naruto have all the fun by himself.


One big man thump in he tank. That should hold you! SIT DOWN!!

I couldn’t stop watching what was unfolding before me. Naruoto and the Nine tails working together. Was like watching a fan made episode. You know something that you know we all wanted to see. Cause we know with the skill of Naruto and the raw power of Kurama is like Superman and Batman working together as one. Then things get more serious. The masked man was done playing. He done made up in his mind to kill Naruto. He realized that he and the Nine tails working together as one. So he pulled out his last trick. His last resort. Super Tailed Beast Bomb.


Mehson this man owning us. Lets call captain planet!

I saying this man want to kill everybody. Had Kakashi and Guy shaking. But not Naruto and Kurama. Dem man say you want to be pooling ya power to kill me. Check this I will just do one of my own!! Just like that knock theirs in the sky like they was playing tennis. Just then through the smoke all I saw was hands. Grabbing each by the points where the rods are. Oh did I forget to tell you Naruto made a clone of himself to observe where each of the rods are on the tailed beast. So when I thought he was going to deliver the final blow we get popped in this special place.


If only he had just used his other hand to pimp slap these man it would have been epic!


These man must have a family share plan with t-mobile

This little treat they gave us here was pretty nice. I thought that the last episode with the nine tails was pretty weak. So I guess they heard me and added this little tease. So we got a little insight of the tailed beasts origin. We see the Sage of the six paths talking to them.


A Young Nine Tails


The Sage giving them his last words..


A glimpse of this epic Ninja…

There was so much more to this episode that I know most would totally dig. I think this is another must see episode that any fan should watch. Look like the steam picking up once again. So get that bowl of ramen and add some spicy pork to it. Cause it getting real nice once again!