PS-Vita-2013colorWell This is what I call a shot in the dark. Sony just announced that they will be bringing to us a new version of the PS Vita. Yes I said it. They haven’t given up on the little devil as yet. So what are they doing to this new little handheld other a new fresh coat of paint. Here is the info from Redmond Pie:

Officially announced just now, Sony’s new update to its existing PlayStation Vita is pretty much more of the same, but with some aesthetic changes. The first thing people will notice is that the new, improved Vita is 15% lighter and 20% thinner than the original model. We wouldn’t have called the old Vita big and heavy, but any slimming down is always welcome in a mobile device of this ilk.

This iteration of Sony’s portable console also now features a micro-USB port for charging, which means that the cable you got with your smartphone will likely charge the Vita just fine, assuming you didn’t get an iPhone of course! The change to micro-USB is a welcome one, seeing as we’ve got so many of the cables knocking around our homes already. It also means that we don’t need to get one of Sony’s proprietary charging cables just to get juice into our Vitas. Yay!

And for those who like color options, the new PS Vita comes in a variety of different color options, six to be exact. The colors include black, white, yellow, olive green, blue and pink.

Perhaps the most controversial change is the decision to dump the original OLED screen in favor of an LCD solution. The OLED screen was one of the selling points for the Vita when it was first announced, so the decision to move to the cheaper LCD is an interesting one indeed. We’ll have to see the new Vita in action before we decide whether the change makes too much of a difference or not.

I don’t know about you guys but this seems like a good idea. I mean what better way to bring the Vita from the grave. Make it more accessible. I already have 3 devices that uses micro usb charging. That is a plus. Less charges to walk around with. I am not sure if that will bring people to their knees to buy one but funny how Sony still gonna keep fighting for their little handheld even though Nintendo still got that market by the balls. Oh wait or is it Apple. Either way being the fanboy that I am I will be getting one. Don’t ask why…. Check out the video:

So expect to see this in Japan around October 10th for around $190. Don’t know about the US release but we know it will be coming….