Naruto Shippuuden 330 Review


Sometimes when we think the hype train is full steam ahead we get real excited. Then reality hits us. This is Naruto. This anime sure do know how to kill a man buzz. This episode seem to be another set up for the bigger things. What that will be we can only wait. So lets see what the 411 is for this episode.


Pretty cool song about the tailed beast and Jinchurki names.


One big happy family

To my surprise the beginning of this episode started off with a cool little tidbit for the tailed beast. A nice little treat for us fans to chew on. So this episode didn’t fulfill my lust for more Naruto epicness. Instead all it did was gave me a wet napkin to wipe the drool from my mouth from the last episode. They basically gave us an update of the war thus far. building troop morale.


I know you are tired but we must be strong and end this war!

I was almost moved to tears….nah I’m just playing. It was a smart move to build the morale of the headquarters. Such a good idea that he decided to send the update of the war to the rest of the troops on the field. Now we have to remember that in the Narutoverse they have eye transplants and jutsu to copy one self for a brief time. One can control the elements of the their worlds by using hand signs. Yet they still haven’t figured out how to make a cell phone and send a mass text. You know when you think about it having a cell phone in that time would lose the flavor of that period in time.

vlcsnap-2013-09-13-00h00m59s87 I guess sending a mass text message really does kill your minutes

If you was expecting a fun filled episode with action and revealing truths then this will be a let down. There was something there that made me smile. After the mass text went out each of Naruto friends had something to say. Now of all that had something to think about the only one that got my attention was Hinata. I am rooting for her. I really want to see her link up with Naruto. She is way hotter than Sakura. Also she truly loves him and not that douche bag Sasuke.


Finally she will tell Naruto how she feel.

I just hope Naruto doesn’t mess things up and go after that flat chested Sakura. Talking about douche bags we can expect a Sasuke heavy episode coming next week. Yes that is right. I don’t really care for him but because Naruto for some odd reason want to save him. With all that Naruto is doing one would expect him to accept that Sasuke is lost and move on. But NOOOOO he has this ninja code thing that he lives by. Ah well.


I feel that Sasuke with those news eyes of his still are not ready for Itashi. I don’t know where he is right now but I know when those two link up Itashi won’t have time for him. We all know big man ain’t got time for little boys with issues. So stay frosty till the next time.

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