In the British Virgin Islands there isn’t much places one can go to get their gaming on. Most have already decided to become hermit crabs and stay at home and play online with their virtual friends. Well most have real friends but choose to enjoy their gaming experience at the comfort of their home. So to my surprise when this place came up on my radar.

The lovely Alexandra

On our Facebook page Carib Gamer Network where we have discussions and other activities listed, someone posted a tournament. Now I was busy with work when I got a call from one of the gamers asking me about this tournament. Now I was puzzled for a brief minute. So I told them I will look into it and let him know about it. He then asked me if I am hosting it. I didn’t want to put him on blast because if I told you I will be getting back to you on it which means I know nothing about it. So after speaking with him I got another call from another gamer asking me if I was going to this tournament. So by now I thought something has to be on Facebook that got the community at a buzz. I checked but didn’t see anything that would jump out at me. So I went over by my fellow clan member Kevon to get the details of this tournament. That is when I realized that there is a Internet and gaming café in the heart of town right next to Simply Delicious called iKonnect.

Build it and they will come..

This place is perfect for those times when you want to link with a few of your friends and run some games. Also the atmosphere is comfortable and friendly. Gamers already found this little piece of heaven and already excited about the future events to come. I would like to also say that Carib Gamer will be supporting every event and participating in as much events as possible. Why? Because that is what we do. Gamers to the end. Talking about events.

StreetFighterPS3Tournament PosterHALOXBOXTournament Poster

So if you are bored and have nothing to do Saturday 9/14/13 I suggest you go down by iKonnect and get your gaming swag on. Also I will be there to get all the gaming awesomeness on tape and on blast. Cause You know I love to get gamers on the Vlog!


Also did I mention that they have Splinter Cell the Black list, Madden 25 and Saints Row IV now available for gaming. Also you know they will be bringing the Grand Theft Auto V next week. So if you strapped on cash and want to run some game in the heart of town check iKonnect. Also keep it locked for the video footage soon to come in our next Vlog!