Killzone Mercenary PS Vita Review


This being the Killzone franchise the boys over at Sony had to a great job with this game. Why? Well first off the PS Vita needed a AAA title. Also the last two FPS titles I played for the Vita sucked big time. Oh fyi Call of Duty declassified is a horrible game. Don’t get me started with resistance. So coughing up the $35 for this game was a huge risk in my book. Did it pay off. Lets see.




That is right. This game looks gorgeous on the OLED screen. There were times the frames would pop up but it wasn’t notable. The color palate is varied from time to time but the over bearing dead colors is very dominate. Sometimes you get a pink rose garden to spice things up. Even a nice blue sea. I guess that is the Killzone staple. Other than that the high detail of the guns and environments really excel.




This is where the rubber meats the road. The mechanics of the dual analog joysticks. Does it feel right? Yes. Is the sensitivity tweakable? Yes. Aiming down the sights smooth and controls tight? Yes. So why the 4/5? Well the controls are great. Not perfect but does a great job. They have run mapped to the circle and the back track pad. I won’t lie the back track pad as run isn’t the best option. The controls are spot on. Any seasoned FPS player should be able to pick this up and do damage very easily. Amateurs will become accustom to it very quickly. The only downside to the controls is throwing the grenades. It is mapped to the directional down button. Which means moving your left thumb from the left analog stick which is allowing me to move. That leaves you open for a brief second. Can’t be helped with the limited amount of buttons but it is something we can get over. The melee to me in my opinion was executed nicely. Nothing is better than initiating a melee with triangle then swiping the screen to cut the enemies throat like a boss. There is even an option to interrogate which also if done correctly can gain you intel points.




I won’t lie I wanted to give this a three out of five but looking beyond the mild repetitive goals in each skirmish I found there are tons of things to do that can break the routine of point and shoot interface. For example hacking intel points seemed hard at first but once I realized the pattern I instantly wanted to revisit some of the old missions to accomplish them. Also they finally figured out what made Call of Duty so popular. Achievements. In this sense they use money. Everything you do get you money. Trust me it can be intoxicating. You pick up ammo you get money. You pop a headshot money. You get a double kill money. I love it! So when you get this money what can you do with it.

2013-09-13-194532  This dude always got something say and sell

Within each of us we always want to buy something. So in Killzone they gave us shopping points in the game which allow us to buy certain weapons that could change the strategy. For example there was a stage when a drop ship was flying in. So I decided to buy the lock on rocket launcher to kill them before they even land. Let me tell you that was the easiest trophy I ever got. Multi kills pay off big.


It doesn’t hurt that leveling in the single player mode also carries over in the multiplayer mode. Let me tell you they did an awesome job with the online portion of the game. Not to happy about not getting in a room most of the time but once in you have a great time. Which brings the replay value very high. So this is a game you can be playing from time to time.




This is a solid game with great controls and graphics. Even though the single player portion is kinda on the short side it is still enjoyable. The story isn’t cut and paste. It brings you back into the Killzone universe like never before. Playing as a merc makes it easy for you to do things without the notion of having a major role in the war like rambo. More or less you are just in it for the money. To me that works out fine because sometimes the Fame and Glory route is just over played. So if you are looking for a good FPS for the PS Vita look no further. Killzone Mercenary is your on the go FPS fix.

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