Naruto Shippuuden 331 Review


That is right folks. This is a Sasuke heavy episode. Where we review how double minded and petty he is. Trust me I still think he isn’t ready for Naruto. Yes Naruto have a irritating man crush on him but I feel that he can still beat him. Even with his brothers eyes. So lets dig in.


An empty town can only mean one thing. GTA 5 is out.

Already we see how the effects of war has on a nation. Villages that was once beaming with excitement are now ghost towns. Deserted and desolate. Makes you wonder if war is the only solution to the bigger picture. I know that they are fighting for the freedom of all ninjas and don’t want to live in a world controlled by one man. Here is the kicker. What if it he already did it and he is controlling them now. Only giving them an illusion that they are fighting. Deep right but don’t worry I don’t think the writers for the Naruto series saw the movie Inception. Thank God.


That is why I don’t trust birds. Dem always snitching

So we move on to the rest of Sasuke friends. The ones he left for dead. I am so confused about this relationship. I mean if I had a friend who wouldn’t mind getting me killed on occasions and only look out for himself. I would not be looking for him. Would just walk away and start a family or something. I guess when you have no vision or direction you just do stupid things. So these man looking for Sasuke. I guess he owes them money or something. Then we have Karin.


This girl don’t know Sasuke is gay. Sad…

She is locked up after almost being killed by Sasuke. She venting and acting crazy but I know really she planning her escape. Cause what woman in dem right mind would still love a man that tried to kill them. I am not sure if she realized it but he was using her for the healing properties. Well I guess she likes it rough.


So you want to know what was the most interesting thing about this episode. Well I found this interesting. Orochimaru was always doing something. Besides fantasizing about Sasuke in the shower and consuming his body he always wanted to beat death. He wanted to be able to live forever. Cheat death as we mortals would call it. Thus bringing us to this scene.


Home sweet home…

In one of his favorite hideouts the dynamic duo hoped Sasuke was there. There is when Jugo asked Suigetsu why is he still with the gang. This is where they realized that Sasuke is a double minded fool. He completes a goal then find another reason to kill. Never being satisfied at all. Just always bent on revenge. So you done know talking bad about Sasuke in front of Jugo makes him mad….very mad.


How dare you talk about my man…uh I mean friend like that DIE!


What do you know. A secret lair within the secret lair.

Happy accident helped them find a secret room. With a special scroll that is so epic that it can change the tide of the war. All I know that if they reanimating Madara then we all know Orochimaru coming back. I can done see that coming. I don’t read the manga but with dead people getting a second and a third chance at life he is bound to pop up.

All in all I don’t think this episode was anything to geek about. Yes I know they are setting it up for the big punch line. The thing about Sasuke is that he isn’t focused. Yes he is hell bent on destroying the Hidden Leaf Village which means he have to fight Naruto but before that he was all about killing his brother. Then after he “lasted” the battle with his brother cause we all know Itashi could of killed that little brat without even trying. He start one bawling for him.



Then he changed his mind and went after Danzo. Again after killing the man who made his brother do that nasty thing he still wanted to kill the village. I already didn’t like the boy but that just gave me every reason to see him get a permanent smack down from Naruto. It would be nice that Naruto beat him up so bad that every girl that had a crush on him would feel it. Then when Naruto is done handling his business go and make babies with Hinata. End the anime like that I would be just fine. I doubt that would ever happen cause the writers are awesome and know better to give me what I want.

So once again we have another episode just passing us by. Nothing to get over excited about but hey it is better than watching paint dry. So anyway I got some more reviews coming. Just picked back up One Piece and the Legend of Korra season 2. So until then stay frosty!!

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