So my fellow Naruto Fans. Well Well Well!!! I am telling you this man name Madara is just full of surprises! Not only did this episode gave us some surprises but it also gave us some real good background information on some key players in this war. Let us dig in shall we.vlcsnap-2013-09-26-10h03m06s159

Madara using the First Hokage Wood Style

This was a real eye opener. Madara seem to be enjoying himself. Taking on the Kages like they were Genin. What got me thinking is how soft these ninjas gotten. I mean the way Madara is just messing with them gave me the impression that in the older days their skills was so far beyond awesome that I thought the only way for the future to go was up. Instead they went down. To a bunch of soft tree hugging ninjas. So we have the Kages in trouble. The pollen seem to put them to sleep. Then all of a sudden we got a flash back. I got scared. Cause you know Naruto and these flash backs can be very evil.

vlcsnap-2013-09-26-10h03m42s73A young Onoki polishes a rock…heh heh wax on wax off…

It seems that the spirit of the rock clan is strong. No pun intended. Showing how that even the weakest ninja can have the strongest will. So we had to watch this little flash back to understand how he was able to wake up. I won’t lie I did enjoy the little exchange between Madara and Onoki. Don’t understand what is the obsession with dancing. I mean he always talking about wanting to dance. Almost like he was trained as a dancer first.


Polishing rocks made me strong!

This is where things got real interesting. I mean I fell on the floor when I saw this. After Onoki used his particle jutsu and backed up Madara our jaw hit the floor.

vlcsnap-2013-09-26-10h05m44s4Ah Hell No!

vlcsnap-2013-09-26-10h05m52s112 Dude is on that Danzo Tip!

This is like deja-vu all over again. What is up with these man and splicing genes. It’s like they get their rocks off doing that. The one good thing out of this is the conversation that came out of Madara. He talked about his battle with the first. He said some very interesting things that the first was able to do. One of those things was that he can heal without weaving any signs. My thought on that is how did this man die. If he was so bad what did him in. Why wasn’t his body kept more securely? How did Kabuto get a hold of him. It had me wondering if they ever thought about learning how he was able to do so much things. I understand some ninjas are more capable than others but geez the first seem like Jesus in his day. Heal the sick and probably raise the dead. Shoot he could create a forest in a blink of an eye. So you know Tsunade wasn’t to happy seeing her grandfather face planted on Madara chest. Nonetheless she still showed Madara that even though she may not be as strong she got girl power on her side. You go girl. I still think she will die first. Madara is a beast.


What is this? A disturbance in the force?

In other news we have Sasuke standing looking like a lost puppy. A very small one to be exact. We have the reunion that we know was coming. The moment when the brothers finally meet since Itachi gave up the ghost. Cause we all know Sasuke didn’t kill him. So what did you think happened. Well lets pull up a chair and call Dr. Phil cause we got a little boy with issues.


Don’t you see Sasuke, Itachi don’t got time for this!

What Sasuke don’t understand and I think he will never understand is that Itachi loved him. He loved him so much that he was willing to burden all the hate and anguish so that he can use it to be strong. But nooooo this little brat needs to kill everyone in the hidden leaf village even though Itachi done moved on from that. Even though Danzo is dead and everyone that had something to do with the tragedy is dead he still want revenge. Then Sasuke started this crying and needed answers to questions he already know the answer. Even with his brother’s eyes he still don’t see what is going on. I mean why do we even waste ink on this dude. He is like a rich kid who didn’t get $1000 for his birthday. All I know is that the next episode will be great. Why? We will finally get a little light shed on this reanimation Jutsu. Oh yeah I forgot that Itachi was on a mission to find Kabuto. So While Sasuke was pissing and moaning about questions and answers as usual Itachi moving forward. I know I am being hard on Sasuke but if you really check it out all he does is feed from revenge. His whole idea behind getting stronger was built from revenge. Sorry for the late blog. My wife got in a car accident. No one got hurt but I really need to teach her the substitution jutsu. so till the next episode… stay frosty!