Super Mario World 3D Nintendo Direct Video

So it look like the Nintendo fans got something to look forward to. I know this game was coming and we got another good look at it but as usual this is nothing but nostalgia for the real die hards. This game looks great. A great testament to their tired and true formula. Reading the comments for this video made me laugh. Some are even talking about holding off their PS4 pre-order and Xbox One order. It isn’t that serious. Yes I will be getting this game eventually when some good Samaritan donates to Carib Gamer a Wii-U. For me to go and buy that system. No. There isn’t enough games for me to roll over my hard earned cash for it. Would need a lot more than a pussy cat mario and Peach in a Spit fire dress to  go out and buy that system.

No Mario. Bad Pussy!
No Mario. Bad Pussy!

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