I love it! This man named Madara got jokes. I mean who else can clown the Kages. Not only that we finally got the boy band back together again. Lets dig in.


New arch means new intro. This intro felt like a pulp fiction novel. The the music was almost catchy. I liked the last one but hey like all intros it will grow on me. So on to the frontlines.


I got four rules. 1.Kill You. 2. Destroy You. 3. Eradicate You 4. Repeat Rule 1 to 3.

We have this epic battle unfolding before us. Tsunade giving Madara the speech of her life. She is pissed. She done gone critical. Giving him the 4 rules of a medic ninja like Madara could care. Although it was amusing for him. Then Lady Tsunade pulled out the big guns. Medic Ninja on the frontlines on the offense. She went super sayian one time.


Is it weird that this is totally turning me on right now…

Then when the kage started their attack everything was jamming. They fought in synch. I thought Madara was done when they sealed him.


Aww yeah!! We Kages are so pwning Madara!

Then BAM! Madara stabbed lady Tsunade like a boss from under the ground. They sealed away a wood style substitute. Epic! That is ninja 101. How did they fall for that. Epic face palm. They need to take the chunin exams over again. Real talk.


Hmm I think that will leave a mark..



“WTH!! This chick on that sauce!?”

But wait my girl still alive! Yes my girl broke the blade and try stab him with it. Then like a fly he swat her. Then it is revealed. She too can heal without weaving signs. How you like dem apples lol. I guess she mastered the art of not telling your enemy everything you will do then act surprised when he counters it. Good for you Lady Tsunade! So did you think that Madara was scared? Did you think he was concerned for his life? Well they told Madara that he is just one and they out number him. The kages was getting cocky. Tsk Tsk Tsk….. little did they know he was just playing with them.


Five to one you say….hmm


So you guys got jokes… Ok




Madara even the playing field. Who said ninjas had no sense of humor? I was cracking up! Then to make things more better my boy had one question for each of them.


From here on it is Madara The Beast Uchia. This was just to funny. I done see these man gonna dead. One can imagine when he get real serious. Man gonna be begging for death.


So we at the boy band section of the review. Yes I am talking about Itashi and that pest of a brother Sasuke. I love seeing Itashi do anything. He is focused and always got purpose. I hate anything Sasuke do. Why? Cause he got eyes that suppose be able to see through lies but he is a walking contradiction. Anyway Itashi tried to shake off the excess baggage with the crows.


Knock Knock!!!

He found Kabuto. Then we got some knowledge about the reanimation. Supposedly even if you kill him that it release the jutsu. Interesting enough Kabuto started to feel confident. Like those guys on the Muary Show who got the results. Then enter Sasuke. Ugh…. that boy is like a rash that needs calamine lotion. So he had to be brought up to speed. After the class session the most coolest thing happened. Itashi and Sasuke teamed up. Yeah that was almost not expected. I mean I saw it coming but I thought Sasuke would of cried for a minute then would of did it reluctantly. Instead he teamed up in the hopes of getting answers.

vlcsnap-2013-10-03-15h01m14s250 Wonder Twins Power Activate!! Form of Friendship!

Which brings me to the end of this review. This episode was delicious. It had the right amount of spices to keep my attention. I see Mr. Kabuto upgrade from snake to dragon. We will see how the wonder twins do fighting together. Also will Madara just kill the Kages already. He is like kid playing with his food… Well till the next episode stay frosty!