Naruto Universe vs Marvel Universe

Madara and First against Marvel

I will start this by saying the Marvel Universe can not handle the Naruto Universe. Much less these two beast of ninjas. So here is the scenario. We have Madara Uchiha. Has the best visual prowess ever for any Uchiha Clan member. His speed and taijutsu is umatched. Already awakened the rinnegan and lets not even talk about his Susanoo. Then we have Hashirama Senju aka the First Hokage aka The god of Shinobi. Being skilled in Wood release Kekkei Genkai and having a huge chakra reserve which means he can basically hold his ground all night long and then some.

So why did I have one of my colleagues create this image defiling the Heroes and Villains of Marvel. Oh it is simple. There was a discussion about this image.

dbz vs marvel  Some of the comments had me thinking. For example here is just some:

Dwayne Lungz Woodley yall ain serious…..marvel have several demigods,demons,super powered aliens on saiyan level and gods… contest…plus goku mind weaker than tiolet paper,..professor x could beat him…yall joking right?

Raymond Vengersammy I was waiting to get to the end of this so I could bring up instant transmission on hulk but I see Blake beat me to it. I am an old school Marvel/DC lover…..but I got to say, Goku and Vegeta would make small work o this. That opening pic is the truth.,

Amin O. Tarabay The only good argument DBZ peeps have is that instant transmission crap. Thats like beginners level stuff in Marvel

Dwayne Lungz Woodley they dont call hulk breaker of worlds for nothing….he just dont got no kamahamaha.and can fly…other than that hulk charge up just like a saiyan….lol

Raymond Vengersammy you could call troll all you want, I ain’t hear one proper argument in this whole thread…all I hear so far is this guy could beat this guy, and what the heck is up with bringin hawkeye into this? hawkeye would get swat like a fly by Chi-Chi or Bulma.

Amin O. Tarabay We all know the DBZ heroes dumb as nails, just put Henry Pim or Reed Richards on them and they will figure it all out!

Dwayne Lungz Woodley reed would negative zone the 2 of them in seconds…fight done again!

Dwayne Lungz Woodley i suprised he ain throw naruto in the mix…lol

With that comment I thought about it and decided time to bring out the big guns!!! Clearly there were more concrete reasons that Goku and Vegeta would not be able to beat the marvel universe. Which lead me to this statement. Since DBZ can not beat the Marvel Universe what about the Naruto Universe? What about we pit the demi gods and other galactic super beings that are not even worth the time of the sages of the six paths. Yeah lets talk about spiderman being owned by Rock Lee. I got my balls handed to me in the Caribbean Gamer Network with an epic Trollmate. Not now. I got my guns ready and I ain’t going down like last time.

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