Buckle up kids! This episode is a Uchiha heavy episode. We got the whole gang together. Lets start things off with the tea party in the cave. We have Kabuto talking up a storm with Itachi and Sasuke. I don’t understand these type of ninjas. Why must they tell us every detail of their jutsu and plans of world domination. I guess that is what they do. So what good bit of info did we get from their little conference.


Kabuto learned Snake Sage mode. Snake look like a rasta man from down de road..

So we found out Kabuto basically altered his body with all of the benefits of every member that travelled with Sasuke. Kabuto body can become like liquid like Suigetsu, regenerative powers of Karin and the nature powers of Jugo. Then add Sage mode to it. We have us here a classic example of the class nerd getting beat up by the jocks do a complete 180. Now he is the one who gonna do the bullying now. Not that this shocked me but I was expecting this man to have all sort of things done to himself. Something tells me that he wasn’t hugged as a child much.

So we have another thing about this episode that was annoying. We have Sasuke jumping into battle head first as usual while the ever so wise bigger brother who can think faster than Obama Care servers could crash. I am positive Itachi could of finished this fight in one episode. But because that blight of a boy is there things taking this slow pace. But anyway we have Itachi analyzing the situation and gathering info from Kabuto who talk like vomit. Dude wouldn’t shut up! But I guess because he feel like he can take on the Uchiha Brothers.


There you have it. Snake Sage Mode.

In my opinion I think Kabuto have a chance with this battle. Sasuke need to get his head in the game. We see coming close to the end of the battle they started to work as a team. Which had a flashback for it. Ugh these blasted flash backs. Everytime I see one my body shakes in fear of the fluff season.

So what else in this episode we can talk about that might tickle you spider sense. Oh yeah Madara and the 5 kages.



These man screwed with a capital “S”. Madara just styling on these man now. I don’t think these man on his level. I know they will fight with everything they got but they can’t even get close enough to him to do any damage. Madara need to just kill these man and move on.


25 Susanoo. 5 Kages. = 1 Gruesome Death

So beyond the heap a talking in this episode we have a few things that would warrant it being a good episode. As we know the pacing in the episode was broken. A little bit of action then talking. Some more action then more talking. Then a flash back. So yeah we have a huge mix up of stuff in this episode. Nonetheless I enjoyed it. Here is to hope to see Itachi shut Kabuto mouth for good. Tired of hearing that boy talk.