For the first time in Carib Gamer history that I have the outmost pleasure to introduce a sexy anime loving girl writer. I personally know her for quite sometime. The interesting thing is she loves anime. There is a myth in the Caribbean that only guys like anime and games.

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Meet Jody. She loves Anime!

Consider that myth busted. A real Jamaican sweet heart and my good friend. So here is what she had to say about this episode of Hunter x Hunter.


Somehow when I look at this it reminds me of Scooby Doo…

Basically this episode is about Killua and Gon getting out of the river that they had to cross and are about to find out what the kamara ants are doing. While they were walking Killua started to tell Gon about the informants, Killua was basically telling Gon about what an informant is and you will get rewards if you see one like a spy, but gon did not understand one thing Killua was telling him, he was completely lost, like a bug in a spiders nest.


The streak of blood on the floor should have been the first clue….

They finally got to a village where killua then start searching the whole entire villiage, but come to find out that no one is there, Gon then starts his search and found out that there was a bunch of killing that went on in the village, but then realize that these killings were so sloppy and terrible in killing them, because killua found blood spots all over the walls and what have you. In this episode you saw a lot of flashbacks of Nefferpito, which i don’t understand why; I guess he did the killings or have some dealing with it. Basically they were contemplating whether to save humanity or just go with their own flow, they could have gone after the ants and destroy the guards one by one and protect some of the people that were there that still lives in the village, and they were also talking about Petos powers of manipulations on how she could control both the humans and soldiers. They were just basically saying if they should save the people that’s being control or go into nettrtos plan and save the entire human race with just a few deaths, he is one crazy son of a gun. In this episode you can see that they were conflicted with the morals of right or wrong, whether to save the people that’s amongst the living and that is being control by these ants, or stick with the plan in protecting the human race, it’s basically people vs. humanity in this episode. they both was conflicted by their morals, Killua told Gon that no matter what happens he can’t go into rage mode, he mustn’t loose his cool and that he needed to stay calm at times. Gon and Killua basically have the weight of the world on their shoulders right now either save the people or humanity.

Hopefully one day we can have a round table with her and another friend of hers. Most likely she is cute and know her anime. I know that any girl that loves anime is ok in my book. I just started watching this series. Unlike Naruto I am loving the character development in this series much better. So Jody promised me to keep me up to speed with more reviews from more great anime series.

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I really need to know why women do this… it is a mystery to me