That is right folks. Live and in person at the annual Monsters Ball event 2013 was none other than Carib Gamers very own mascot! While we were sleeping this party hungry mascot decided to get out of the matrix and get jiggy with some ladies.

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They can literally be passed as twins. So who was Ras-Mario getting his freak on with. Well they say the freaks comes out at night. This Monster’s Ball had them in full effect!


Off With her head!!


A Playboy Bunny and a Hot Zombie. Both will Suck you dry!


Ah Yes the Goddess of Love! I heard she like dem Thugs!


Speaking of which…We have here GangstaThor. No Infinity Gauntlet.


That is where I remember these guys from..Silent Hill or wait was it Death Note…


Carib Gamers very own Blake! The Pimp Hand is Strong with this one!!

From what I heard the party was off the chain. So expect next year for it to be even more wild! Maybe we might see princess peach. The name of the event was Monsters Ball. Hosted by RepVI.com and Twism Entertainment.