Naruto Shippuuden 336 Review


Look I am about to blow a fuse with this anime called Naruto. I understand we need to have a little back story of some characters but geez man not a whole episode dedicated to one man. Look I knew this episode was coming but just didn’t want to admit to myself that I would have to watch it. All day thursday I was playing Battlefield 4 and was looking at the episode. I thought to myself do I really care about Kabuto’s past. Then it dawned on me. I don’t but because I love the Narutoverse I must endure!

To the topic at hand we have Mr. Kabuto and the Uchiha Brothers in a cave fighting to the death supposedly. We get a good glimpse of the life of Kabuto. Almost like he is dead already. I personally think the iganami done activated and he don’t know it yet. But we will find out in the next episode. So anyway what kind of kid was Kabuto? Amazingly he was a great kid. Very honorable and willing to sacrifice himself for his friends. Sound like someone we know right.

Look. We can do this the easy way or the hard way. The choice is yours.
Look. We can do this the easy way or the hard way. The choice is yours.

We all know Danzo was a huge S.O.B. This man sunk so low that he set up his spies to kill each other. I mean yeah kill two birds one stone. But come on….they working for you. So we have the situation. Danzo want Mother Theresa to get back to espionage. Also he wants a new spy. Seem like the last one he had died. You can see the how sad he is about that. Douche bag. Anyway Orochimaru seem to have interest in young Kabuto..

The sacrificial lamb. Kabotu the Spy.
The sacrificial lamb. Kabotu the Spy.
Almost like Orochimaru was destined to be his master...
Almost like Orochimaru was destined to be his master…

So as time passed Kabotu became an excellent spy. So good that he needed to die. Crazy right. To be so well at your job that you become a target. I mean talk about company down sizing. So in an ironic twist guess who put a hit on this man. His boss. Guess who was to carry out the hit. Mother Theresa. Ain’t that some crap. That is enought o send a young boy crazy. So in a twist of events Kabuto was being chased by a ninja not knowing who it was and like a M. Night Shyamalan movie he killed his mentor or mother figure. Wait here is the kicker whe was brainwashed so much that she didn’t even recognize who he was. I tell you Danzo was one evil dude.

After being told Danzo's plan he went HAM on Orochimaru! Him and those cutting blade hands!
After being told Danzo’s plan he went HAM on Orochimaru! Him and those cutting blade hands!
To be honest I don't think this man will ever stay dead...
To be honest I don’t think this man will ever stay dead…

So we all know what happened from there. Orochimaru became his master and he became his apprentice. They decided to start their own village and learn to understand who they really are. They are just a bunch of lost kids looking for their parents and purpose. That is all. So we finally see his past. We see why he is so angry. I am so glad that they got that out. Finally we can move on to the next episode that will bring some action. To be honest I just want to see what is happening with Naruto and Obito. Yes I know he is Obito now. One of my friends spilled the manga beans on me. I hate him right now. Such is life. I am still looking forward to see how everything unfold.

So if you missed this episode don’t worry. Nothing here. But the next episode will be nice! So till the next episode stay frosty! Until then I will be playing some Battlefield 4…Loving this game!!

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