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Fellow Gamers I have been on a hunt. Yes looking high and low for this phenomenon that been around. I know most would tell me yeah Ruscle it got gamer girls. I would ask where. Now I am not talking about the girls who play Candy Crush or Angry Birds. I am talking about those who can hold their ground in some League of Legends or Tea Bag a few opponents on the battlefield. Shoot even run some Mario or Zelda like a boss. That is what I was looking for.

Which brings me to my friend Ms. Camique. She is part of the HTKU clan. Don’t worry I will be updating her profile to the Clan Page. I had a chance to ask her some questions about her life as a gamer girl…

cam 3

How long have you been gaming?

Boy since Nintendo game boy times

When you play online and guys understand you are a girl what is the usual reaction you get?

When they realise its a girl they don’t believe n ask to see my Facebook or call me a bitch lol. Most times we end up being friends after they see me or I dust dem out on a game 1 vs 1

What are your favorite games?

right now I love cod2 n god of war games, tek ken n mortal combat. I like games where I interact with ppl my story mode days r over I like competition n to meet new ppl.

Do you think girls play better than boys? If yes why?

i think boys play better than girls cause girls barely play first of all n I think I’m a beast so I don’t really think boys are the best , I repeat ima beast

What is more entertaining for you? Shopping or Fragging dudes in Black Ops 2?

c4 dem boyz on da duty straight, shop for food lol yea but I love gaming

I will be the first to say playing against her in Black Ops 2 is pretty intense. She is very competitive. I totally forgot who I was playing against. She can trash talk like the best of them. I know what you are thinking. How can a hot chick like this be a gamer? I don’t know. It is almost like she doesn’t know there is a bunch a thirsty man gamers out there waiting to get it on with a girl like this. One can only imagine the look on some of these man face when they get a shotgun shot to the face while being tea bagged by a girl.

Don’t worry I got The Anime Chick with another review soon to come. She got school or something like that. I can’t wait for the I mean review to come through soon lol. I got my beautiful wife and some luscious ladies who will be doing our first ever Cosplay in the British Virgin Islands. So keep an eye out for that also.

So if you are ever online on PS3 look for Tolacream284. Just remember she is part of HTKU. We don’t recruit just anybody.

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