Naruto Shippuuden Itachi is a BOSS 337 Review


This episode is both cool and cruel. This episode is like watching Doctor Who. Got you scratching your head like WTH? You understand in general but still wondering when and how. Let me dig in.

So we back in the cave where Itachi and Sasuke is fighting Kabuto. They don’t want to kill him so they have a plan. Well actually Itachi have the plan. We all know Sasuke good for nothing but just being a blight to my soul. As the title of this episode implies the Izanami is activated. So we know Kabuto is dead. One way or the other he getting catch like a bad ting that don’t use protection.

vlcsnap-2013-11-07-17h50m45s135  Here we have the man here juicing up. Like a real crack head buddy.

We was blessed with a lovely flash back showing us some interesting details of his life AGAIN! I mean like the last full episode wasn’t enough. So anyway we get a good idea what he been up to in that little hideout of his.


Yes. That is Orochimaru. Creepy. Yes. He say this is his true form. Extra Creepy.

So big fight start. Now the interesting thing about this episode is trying to find out exactly when the Izanami was activated. When did he get caught in it. How? Well I have a few ideas. The first idea is the horn. That is the connection. Every time the battle start over is when his horn is cut off. Then followed by the drip of water falling on his shoulder. We all know he shut off his eyes so how did the genjutsu happened. If you remember he was caught in one while talking ( as usual… I mean this dude don’t know how to shut up ) about knowing his purpose and stuff. I think when he called up all those clones or things from his snake pouch they had to use their eyes. That is my only idea for that.


At this moment you see that they activated some super duper genjutsu combo on this man. While he thought they was caught in some snake vibe which I think that the Orochimaru head saw got caught.

Either way Itachi is the freaking man. This dude so smart I think no one is as deep as him. This man is always 20 steps ahead of his opponents. Nothing catch this man off guard. If I was to fight him I would kill myself one time. It makes no sense to fight a man who knows almost everything. Which brings me to the part that had me laughing all the way to the bank.


LIKE A BOSS!!! MAN DONE GET CATCH! Looking at this pic almost like Itachi laying hands on this man. I baptize you in the name of Uchiha. Sasuke get the offering plate CHURCH OUT!

Then when ting bout to get sweet we get the stupid Tail beast song. WHAT THE FRAK!!! I don’t know why these man like piss me off so. Just when ting getting sweet. I felt like a boy on a date and found out the girl breath stink. So as usual Naruto bringing me another episode talking about Izanami. Geez man just kick me in the face and done with it. I love you Naruto but you really got to work on your pace. Got me like a crack head. Give me a hit then go back on a slump. Then hit me again and I high like a kite. Just to get my strings cut. This roller coaster call naruto buddy. Well I Love this ride and gonna roll with it till he marry Hinata. So stay frosty till the next episode!!!!

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